Monday, March 1, 2010

Manic Monday

SO….I just typed a ridiculously long blog post full of butterflies and happy thoughts only to accidently close it with saving the draft! Fabulous! Needless to say all my unicorns and happy thoughts flew out the window! I HATE MONDAYS.

Well other than the fact that the season finale of this show comes on tonight…

I can’t help it. I’m obsessed! It’s quite unfortunate really. As much as I hate Mondays I live for Monday nights. Go ahead….make fun of me. No really it’s ok. I make fun of myself too! I yell at Jake for his poor choices keeping that heifer Vienna, and not letting Ali come back. Oh well sad day. I’m sure he will pick Vienna and me and Maggie will cry and yell and scream because he’s making a terrible choice and ruining his life. But maybe I’m wrong….who knows it’s just a tv show! Anywho, enjoy your Monday night, root for Tenley and say a quick prayer that Jake doesn’t propose to that unfortunate sausage, Vienna.

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Jeremy said...

I love love love your Blog Brittany Ann!! Read it often. Please don't stop writing. Love you