Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Dayne!

Today is my first {born} dog child’s birthday!! Dayne turned five today! Five wonderful years with a girl’s best friend. What more could a girl ask for?? Well 20 more would be nice….
Dayne was so so small and cute when I first got him.
I miss him being that cute little snuggly fur ball!! I had no clue how much he would grow…
This was when he was about a year old…
And now….
November 2009 112
135 136
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!! Mommy loves you!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Way You Love Me

Dear Bert,
      I love the way you love me. I love the special little ways you show it. Like when you surprise me with coffee in the mornings when you get off work. Or bring me a bowl of fresh strawberries randomly.

I love when I come home and the chores I hate doing have already been done. The dishwasher has been unloaded and the clothes are folded and my heart flutters because you know I hate doing those things so You do them for me.

I love that you go to church with me. You want to go to church with me, and I cherish that. I love that you agreed to take a marriage class and you are actively involved in our book. Not every husband would do that.

I love that you accept my unhealthy obsession with animals and you don’t criticize me for my craziness. And I love that you are involved in animal rescue too. It makes my heart happy to have someone who is accepting of my obsession and willing to help in any way possible.

For all these things I am truly grateful. I love you with all my heart.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holloway Productions

So Holloway Productions the best thing EVER. Tonight the Hubs and I are doing a promo shoot for Lance at Holloway Productions. Lance shot our wedding video and let me tell you...he's the most AH-mazing person EVER. Whenever I want to smile, cry, or fall out from laughing I watch our wedding video.

Lance did such a Fabulous job and one {special} thing he does is make a "Music Video" with a song of your choice. Our song was "She's Everything to Me" by Brad Paisley and the music video is so amazing!! We had friends emailing the link to our video to people all over the country. People who have never even met us were crying after seeing this video. I'm partial but it is AWESOME.

So enjoy....

Brittany + John Paul Music Video from Holloway Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear God....

It's me Margaret Brittany....

I have a slight HUGE obsession with Blogs. I love to read about other people's personal thoughts and how their lives play out. But lately I have become burnt out on reading about how {happy} these people are Every. Single. Day. Can they really be this happy with their significant other, and never feel frustrated or angered or just plain over it?? Am I a horrible wife for having these terrible feelings {sometimes}.

I occasionally find myself whispering this prayer:

Dear God,

It's me. Brittany. Please give me the patience to deal with my husband. Why does he get on my nerves?? Why does he have to ASK me what needs to be cleaned in order for our house to be in perfect "showing" condition. Can't he just take a look around.

When we are working {together} on HIS homework, why must I think only murderous thoughts and secretly wonder how he made through nursing school without me. Why is my prayer then "Dear God, please give me the strength to not kill my husband."

The worst wife. EVER.

Am I the only wife who whispers these prayers under her breath? Am I really the worst wife ever for feeling frustrated with my husband? I love my husband. I really, really do. He is my joy and the reasoning behind everything I do.

{But} he frustrates me. He angers me. He occasionally provokes me into B*tch mode and I just can't help it.

This year my prayer will be:

Dear God, 
It's me. Brittany. Please give me the strength and courage to love my husband with {all} of myself. To love him solely and carelessly. To laugh and run and play with him like we are 5 year old children. To not care what others think of me. To bear my feelings for all to see and not care what the return glance, thought, or comment means. 

Give me the courage to love like this and not have a care in the world. 

Love always, 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Blues???

So some of our friends are preggo! Awesome! I mean they could have waited on me but I guess they weren't concerned. Seems like a lot of people I know are pregnant or have just had babies. It makes me want a baby of my very own!! I know we aren't really ready for a child seeing that we have no money and no room!! {Awesome!!}

So in the midst of this Debbie Downer mood, I stumble across a blog and begin reading a girl's story of her turbulent pregnancy. This poor girl had hyperemesis. In other words, she threw up and was nauseated all day everyday for the duration of her pregnancy. I'm not talking a little stomach discomfort and a gag here and there. I'm talking projectile vomiting. ALL DAY. E-V-E-R-Y single. DAY. No thanks. Not for me. I don't do nausea and I definitely don't do throwing up. I'm sure this hyperemesis is rare but you know I don't need to take any chances.

So I've decided that I will just borrow TBMommy's kid! WHAT?!?!?!?! I can't borrow your kid because of some aforementioned incident??? Awesome!!! I guess I will have to find someone else's (is this a word?) kid to borrow and get my baby fix!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Blog...

So I have decided that with the new year I will start a NEW blog with a {new} purpose. I find myself thinking on a daily basis of things that I wish I could say out loud. Well what better way to vent my feelings than typing them out for others to read.

This blog will now serve as {my} personal journal to write down my true feelings, no sugar coating allowed!! I am excited about this new purpose and I can't wait to share my feelings on "paper."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Reflections

Happy New Year!!! In looking back on 2009 I think I am ready for a new year and a clean slate. There were a few fabulously awesome things that happened in 2009, but there were also some things that I can't wait to move on from.

Reflecting back on 2009 here are a few things worth mentioning

1. My wedding!!

I had the most amazing wedding EVER (now I am partial but our parents threw us the best wedding). I could never thank our family and friends enough for such a wonderful day/night!! It was amazing to be surrounded by our best friends and beautiful family for such a special day.

2. Spending time with my grandfather before his stroke.

Exactly one month after my wedding, my grandfather (the only living grandfather I have) suffered a massive stroke. We are very thankful to have him with us but it is definitely hard to adjust to his post-stroke self. He can no longer walk or do things for himself and he requires around the clock care. I am so very thankful for the time I got to spend with him and the fact that he was able to WALK down the isle on {our} wedding day.

3. My perfectly {amazing} GRANDmother.

The most amazing person I have ever known passed away in November. I am so thankful for the 25 years I had to spend with her. *I started a post on this back in November and have yet to find the courage to finish it* It will happen soon! :)

I am so happy for a new year to start fresh and list {several} things I wish to accomplish personally and with my husband.

10 Things to look forward to in 2010.....

1. Getting in cliche I know, but really.....I have gained 6lbs since November!! I have been eating non-stop since Thanksgiving. It's bad. And it doesn't help that Bert has been in the gym religiously and is losing weight and looking better than ever!! Thanks babe for making me feel like the cow I have become!

2. Selling our house!!! I have threatened my lovely realtor that I might burn down the Villas if we don't sell it soon! Please {Lord} let someone buy our house! :)

3. MOVING!!! If everything works out as planned we will be buying my grandmother's house. I cannot wait to have a big backyard for our babies!

4. Paying off our debt!!! We are in way too much debt! Bert has ONE semester left to finish his BSN and then hopefully he will take a break from high tuition schools! We need to work on becoming debt free!! This is a major goal for 2010.

5. Joining a church. We have been going to Trinity UMC since November and we love it! Hopefully it will be on our hearts this year to join the church.

6. Growing in our relationship. We signed up for an 8-week class at church on making marriage last! I am excited because even though we are newlyweds I feel like there is so much we need to improve with our marriage.

7. Becoming more involved in animal rescue. This is a HUGE passion of mine and my husband loves deals with it! I want to be more involved with this in my community.

8. Working towards starting a family.....probably not going to happen til 2011 or 2012 or when I'm 40!!! But I can dream! :)

9. One of our favorite couples is expecting a little girl in June and I cannot wait for her arrival!! Like really can't make it to June!

10. And finally....I hope to be participating in a couple of my bestie's weddings this year....we will see what happens with that!

Happy 2010!!!