Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Happy Day

I am LOVING my Blog Makeover thanks to Leslie! I personally think she did a fabulous job!! Go check her out!

So its {finally} Friday! Yay for Fridays!! I am meeting a super hot friend for drinks after work and then heading home to what I do best! (i.e. veg out, not exercise, watch unhealthy amounts of television, etc.) The Hubs is working all weekend so I will be piled up in the bed by 7:30 watching Gone with the Wind and praying that maybe, just maybe Rhett won’t leave this time!! Don’t you wish he would stay?!? It’s okay, even if he does leave I will just pretend like he stayed and they lived happily ever after. :)

My obsession with Gone with the Wind is rather unhealthy. And my obsession with Rhett is completely insane. I’ve been on a kick trying to convince my husband that we should name our son Rhett (if we ever have a child, and a son at that). He won’t give in. I have given up! {for now}!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Have a great weekend!


Jessica said...

Loving the new blog look!!! I have actually never seen Gone with the Wind - THAT is unhealthy. haha

Christa said...

Love your blog! Leslie is awesome - she created my blog design a couple months ago! New follower here! ;)

Kimberly said...

I am a follower of Leslie's blog. Just checking out the new blog she did for you! so cute. She did a great job!

Katie's Journey said...

Hope you do not mind a new follower! Leslie is amazing... she has now done 2 makeovers for me and I am loving yours too!

The Pifer's said...

Your blog is so adorable! LOVE it! I love your actual post too--I would love to follow you, hope you don't mind!