About Me

I'm a newlywed, married April 25, 2009 to my very bestest friend. We are expecting our first *human* child March 12, 2011.
I am currently a college *drop-out* while my husband pursues his education. I will return to school in a couple years. I'm employed full-time as a loan officer and I am thankful for my job! My husband, John Paul {frequently referred to as Bert} works full time as a RN on the Open Heart Unit.

We have {4} fur-children. 2 dogs, Dayne and Maggie, and 2 cats, LeRoy and Bailey. We love them as if I birthed them myself! :)

I am defined by:
my love for animals
my obsession with animal rescue and animal rights
my inability to realize that I can't save everyone/every*animal*
my passion for reading
my love for trying all things new
my obsessive planning for the child I am now pregnant with
my best friends
my willingness to laugh at anything
my tendency to over-dramatize everything
my capability of {slightly} overreacting
my {healthy, normal} obsession with my fur-children

So that {almost} sums me up! Anything else feel free to ask.