Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet the *Fur-Children*

So I think it’s time to officially introduce y’all to our fur-children. They are super awesome so be prepared to experience intense envy and lots of happy smiles as they are {in my opinion of course} the cutest darn fur-children around! :) {However, my new bloggy friends have some really cute and fabulously awesome fur-children as well….they are a very close second}

Meet Dayne


I had Dayne when I met John Paul. He initiated him into the world of dog ownership. I knew we would be together forever when he let my child move in with us! Dayne is 5 and such a big (literally)  momma’s boy. He weighs in at a whopping 120lbs and is by far the most amazing dog ever!

Meet Maggie


We got Maggie right after we bought our house. She will be 3 in April. Maggie came from our local shelter and had Parvo when we got her. After about a week in the vet and few hundred dollars she was all better and has changed our lives. She has the BEST personality and the Hubs likes her way more than me. She is a source of constant laughter and her incessantly wagging tail warms my heart!

Introducing…..LeRoy (John Paul chose this name. Please try not to poke fun at my poor child)


Leroy was found as a little baby in my grandmother’s garage. John Paul was called to the rescue and he has warmed our hearts since. He’s so gentle and loving and snuggly. We just love him!

And last but not least…Bailey


Bailey is our newest addition. She was rescued by my friend Amy from a hotel parking lot not far from my house. Now the fact that all my animals must have a bestie of the opposite sex worked out perfectly for Bay. She just fell right in to the mix. She and Leroy are the best of friends and they are so in love!


So there you have it! Our *fur-children*

Tonight I am picking up Franklin to doggy sit for 10 days. I hope he enjoys the zoo we like to call home!


*please excuse the hot mess that would be me in the above picture-looks like I had a long hard day – lets go with that*

We are off to see the Wizard tonight and I cannot wait! My little cousin is in Broadway Across America’s The Wizard of Oz and we are headed to see her perform tonight. We saw Wicked when they came through Alabama last year so I know this show will be fab! Have a great weekend!

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Lil' Woman said...

Such cute fur babies! Do your dogs and cats get along well?