101 in 1001

*This is my 101 in 1001*

Start Date: 3/17/2010

End Date: 12/12/2012

In Progress


For Myself

1. Buy a New (to me) Car

2. Buy a New Camera and learn to use it

3. Meet a Blog Friend {in Person}

4. Plant a Garden

5. Learn to Sew

6. Paint a New Painting once a month (0/33)

7. Learn to Play the Piano

8. Write (or start) a Book

9. Take Golf Lessons

10. Go to a Wine Tasting

11. Host a Dinner Party

12. Go to 1 Play a year (1/3)

13. Go to the Ballet

14. Watch 10 of AFI's 100 Movies - that I've never seen (0/10)

15. Refurnish a Goodwill Purchase

16. Complete a Coloring Book

17. Have my Wedding Dress Cleaned and Preserved

18. Play Paintball

19. Find a New Hobby

20. Sell a Painting

21. Dance in the Rain

22. Spend an Entire Day Snuggled in the Bed watching Movies

23. Have a Sleepover with a Friend

24. Learn to Knit

25. Participate in a Gay Rights Movement for people I love

26. Fight for Animal Rights in my State

27. Spread Awareness for Spay/Neuter

28. Take a Painting Class

For the Wallet

29. Payoff Credit Cards

30. Start my Etsy Shop and Sell Something

31. Sell our House

32. Limit Eating Out to 2x a week (lunch and dinner)

33. Use Coupons Religiously

34. Start Paying Off School Debt

35. Find a Job with Benefits so my Husband can go to CRNA School

For the Body & Mind

36. Lose 10 Pounds (0/10)

37. Exercise Regularly

38. Read 1 Book a Month For Pleasure (3/33)

39. Keep my Toes Looking Pretty

40. Get a Facial

41. Get Back in School

42. Drink at Least 2 Glasses of Water a Day for a Month (0/30)

43. Work on my Posture

44. Face a Fear

45. Wash my Face 2x a day for a Month (0/30)

46. Take a Bubble Bath once a week for a Year (1/52)

For the Soul

47. Join a Church

48. Read 1 Spiritual Book a Month (0/33)

49. Read the Bible Cover to Cover - we are currently reading the Bible in 365 days

50. Reconnect with an Old Friend

51. Organize a Fundraiser for a Local Charity

52. Put Flowers on my Grandparents Graves

53. Spend Time Daily in Prayer and Reflection

54. Do a Devotional with my Husband


55. Visit England

56. Go on a Weekend Get-Away with my Husband

57. Go on a Trip with my Mom

58. Visit 2 States I've Never Been to

59. Go on a Random Trip

60. Take a Picture of my Husband on Abbey Road

61. Go Ziplining

62. Go Camping

63. Take a Trip with my Sister-In-Law

64. Go on a Honeymoon

65. See Strawberry Fields in Central Park

For Our Marriage

66. Get Pregnant

67. Take a Dance Class with my Husband

68. Suprise my Husband Once a Month with Something Special (1/33)

69. Buy my Grandmother's House

70. Remodel to Make it {Our Home}

71. Go Kayaking with my Husband

72. Finish my Wedding Scrapbook

73. Start Our Family Scrapbook

74. Kiss in the Rain

75. Go on a Picnic

76. See Rain in concert again

77. Write a Love Letter to my Husband

For Our Family

78. Visit my Grandparents Once a Month (0/33)

79. Visit John Paul's Grandmother Once a Month (1/33)

80. Have Family Game Night Once a Month (0/33)

81. Take My Grandmother for a Pedicure

For Others

82. Pay for a Random Person's Meal

83. Get Involved in the American Cancer Society

84. Adopt a Christmas Angel each Christmas (0/3)

85. Mail a Card or Letter to Someone Once a Month (0/33)

86. Purge our Closets and Donte once a Year (0/3)

87. Give $20 to a Homeless Person

88. Perform a Random Act of Kindness


89. Try 1 New Recipe a Month (4/33)

90. Back up All Our Pictures to an External Hard Drive

91. Setup an Organized Recycling System at Home

92. Shop at the Local Farmers Market once a Month (0/33)

93. Make Homemade Bread

94. Organize All My Recipes

95. Try 5 New Restaurants

96. Re-Cover Dining Room Chairs

97. Make Decorative Pillows for the Couch

98. Put up Christmas Decorations during Thanksgiving week (0/3)

99. Make a Headboard for Our Bedroom

100. Take the Dogs to the Beach

101. Make a New List