Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dieting 101

I have officially gained 15 lbs since my wedding last year. It is quite unfortunate really. I have always been the skinny-girl-who-eats-whatever-she-wants-and-never-gains-weight. Well my new friend enemy reality has hit home, and well fatness here I come. 15 extra pounds on a small person = spare tire and thunder thighs and exceptionally large ta-tas that make for an extremely giddy husband breast reductions a fabulous idea. So with all that said I am in 2 previously mentioned weddings this summer, one in May and one in June. No spare tires or thunder thighs allowed in my friends weddings. They would not be happy to pull out wedding pictures 10 years from now and have to scratch out my face so no one can recognize me! Let’s preview these super hot bridesmaid dresses I will be sexily modeling in a few short months.

Wedding A:

Cotton Sateen Strapless Dress with Ruching and Pockets

Wedding B:

Jim Hjelm Occasions Bridesmaids Dresses Style jh5853 by JLM Couture, Inc.

Now seeing these beautiful dresses and my fatness should be enough motivation right? Yeah I thought so too. WRONG. After trying on dress B today and having my mother fake compliments to make me feel better about my {situation} I decided the best way to start my weight loss plan would be to eat a large order of cheese fries and an apple pie from Checkers. I know disgusting!! I just can’t help myself. So tonight I will attempt to find some motivation to get in shape for the besties weddings. (Maybe I will stand in front of the mirror in my bikini and resist the urge to eat an entire pan of brownies topped with ice cream) I think I should have given up sweets for Lent.


Chloe said...

I totally understand. I gained 7 pounds since I got married last year. Now I have to lose weight for our 2nd wedding/vow renewal ceremony.

Amanda Faye said...

Hey there, I love your blog!!! Its too cute and makes me wish I had blogged when Nick and I had just gotten married. Anyways I am trying to loose weight for beach season and I have lost 22 pounds since January. I HATE diets so I have done this....Cut out Sodas,and Tea which has been really hard because Tea is huge here in the south..WATER WATER WATER, I hate water so those Crystal light things have been great. Then make sure that EVERY thing you eat has 7 grams or less of sugar per serving....Its pretty simple and once you start reading the labels you will be amazed at how much sugar is in all this "LOW FAT" stuff...And then try to work out 30 minutes A day at least... mostly cardio...and it will come off its a lot easier than it sounds.. Anyways good luck xoxo

andrew and amber grooms said...

I love your blog! My husband and I got married this past October and I have def put on a few extra pounds...a few pounds + me being a shorty (5'1") = none of my clothes fitting and me being very sad.