Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh how I miss you….

So…I’m like a week into this no meat for Lent dealio that I made and well it’s hard!! I’m a super weird food eater. I mean I eat completely rando healthy stuff all the time. (Unfortunately I like to balance all that healthy rando food with cartons of ice cream and boxes of cookies or an entire pan of turtle brownies!) Anywho, I decided that giving up meat would be a sacrifice but not so hard that I couldn’t stick to it.

Now I’m craving steaks and Mexican chicken fingers like I’m pregnant or something! Yeah I know that would be super amazingly awesome but you know we are waiting till a more convenient time in our lives to procreate. I know. Sad day. 

Unfortunately I was tricked into eating some sausage on Sunday morning. Well not exactly tricked but in my sleepy haze I forgot that the breakfast casserole so kindly delivered to my front door by my step dad contained sausage. After the Hubs and I consumed the entire plate it hit me! SINNER!! I can’t even keep up my Lent sacrifice. Sad day. So I think God decided to let that one slide and I’m back on board. Woo Hoo!!!

Now I have this strange craving for Slim Jims! I mean is that considered a meat? I’m going to have to do some Google research on this one.

It’s hard to cook dinner for myself and the Hubs, who so kindly decided I was on my own on the whole Vegan Lent deal. How many days till Easter?? Until then, I will put on my big girl panties and deal with it!


Jessica said...

I feel your pain - I gave up sweets! And, much like you, I too forgot my difficult sacrifice and ate a chocolate oatmeal cookie at my going away party the girls at work threw for me... I guess it just goes to show we are all just big 'ole sinners! haha

Annie said...

new follower...
have to say you had me at "slim jim"! ha!! i love those things, thanks to my mom and aunt ;)
i'm the same way, i eat really healthy but at the same time, i eat mcdonalds nuggets! ha!
cute blog pretty girl!! :)