Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can we talk about the gym for a moment?

K. Thanks! I’m the laziest, most unmotivated, Reese’s white chocolate peanut butter egg lover known to man. It’s quite unfortunate. Trust me. I never exercise and I may or might not have laughed in my husband’s face when he asked if I wanted to join the gym. But low and behold….I did. Me and exercise, we have a love – hate relationship.

Well I found my motivation when I was going to the doctor every other day every few months to obtain some crazy pills much needed medication for my slight anxiety issues following G’ma’s death. Anywho, my doctor just happens to be {ridiculously} attractive.


You know in a McSteamy kind of way. :) The main side effect of the medication he chose for me was weight gain. But technically it’s increased hunger which results in increased eating bringing us back to said weight gain. He nonchalantly looks at me and says, “You are in control of what you eat.” I just smile and nod because frankly I’m not even listening, you know I’m all distracted and nervous and psychotic, hence the need for the visit in the first place. So as I’m skipping out of the doctors office with my new script for happy pills I call the hubs and fill him in. When I get to the part about weight gain and controlling what I eat it becomes unusually quiet. Apparently he dropped the phone in his fit of laughter and couldn’t reach it while rolling on the floor.

Needless to say this is me 5 months later….


Now I’m motivated and I’ve been hitting the gym with Hitler my loving husband in hopes of losing a few pounds before all these summer weddings. I think he’s trying to kill me, but I’m on to him! I sit at a desk all day and I can barely move. I feel like I’m dying!

Not to mention the fact that this girl apparently works out next to me every. single. day. Who looks like this at the gym? Not me.


Me on the other hand. I am a hot mess. Like this.


So for those of you trying to lose a few pounds I feel ya! I’m struggling but by golly when I go back to see McSteamy I will be thinner!

Happy Wednesday!


Jordan said...

I am positive you do NOT look like that lady!! I seriously lack motivation to work out. By the time I get home I'm exhausted and don't feel like doing anything. Good for you!! :-)

Amanda Faye said...

Hey just so you dont feel alone I am on crazy pills too lol...I am curious and this might be personal but what is it that you take...You can message me on fb if you dont want all the world to know...Anyways Great job on going to the gym I too am lacking the motivation

Southerland Living said...

laughing out loud at your post girl! I think that we are all struggling to find motivation, but I know we can do it!