Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bumpdate & Gender Reveal!!


Don’t make fun of the jeggings!! Or the fact that my face is cut off – that was on purpose!

How Far Along: 20 weeks

Total Weight Gained: 3lbs. Hubs is on my ass now about gaining weight. The doc said the baby was measuring fine but I need to try to put on more weight for my next appointment.

Maternity Clothes: Yes please.

Sleep: Pretty good this week.

Best Moment of the Week: Finding out the gender today!! 

Food Cravings: Orange juice.  

Food Aversions: Eggs.

Symptoms: The only new symptom is yelling. This goes along with lack of patience.

Movement: I feel the baby move a lot. I think.  

Gender: For those of you who agreed with me and the DMV guy………


Sorry we were wrong! Yay for those who voted girl!!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

What I'm looking forward to: Buying pink stuff! And arguing with my husband over names.

Weekly Wisdom: Check back later…I’m fresh outta wisdom!

Milestones: Halfway there!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


It’s my birthday!! Yay me!!

I happen to share a birthday with 2 fabulous bloggy friends!

Go show some love to Leigh and Crystal!!

Happy Birthday girls!! If I happen to share my birthday with any other fabulous people let me know!! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

So basically I suck at the whole blog challenge. Obviously I never post when I’m supposed to. I’m a big fat failure. However, I do plan to post some of the days I’ve missed. Which is like 10. But whatev.

Let’s see….what did I do this weekend other than complain? I yelled. A lot. This is going down as a new pregnancy symptom. Seriously I have no patience and I’m quite the unfriendly wifey.

We planted some knockout roses in our front flower bed on Saturday. I don’t have a pic but we survived the joint task. And they plants are still alive. I’m marking this down as an accomplishment!

We watched the Alabama Tennessee game. Sorry to all my Vol friends but I’m so glad we won.


We unfortunately watched Auburn kick some major ass. Let me just go on record for all my Auburn bloggy friends. I’m kinda worried. There I said it. Auburn is looking pretty good. Alabama’s looking a little rough.  :/

Did I mention how much it bothers me that Auburn’s #1? Just wanted to throw that out there.


So excited for tomorrow!! I can’t wait to find out if Baby D has a penis. Just want to mention that I’m pretty sure they’re going to say we’re having a boy. Can’t wait to know for sure! Vote at the top of the page and leave a comment letting me know what you think! I will be sure to update as soon as I get to work. My appointment is at 8:30.

If you follow me on Twitter I might not be able to save the surprise for the blog!

Hope y’all have a great week!

Also, if you’re preggo and thinking of cloth diapering check out LG’s post for some great info!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 6 and Day 7

Yeah I know I suck at this. I’m still using the “pregnant and pissed” excuse! :)

Day 6 – A pic of something that makes you happy

These pictures of my furchildren make me happy! I just love them. And they are super excited to have a baby brother or sister. (we hope)



Also this is one of my favorite wedding pictures – probably because it’s of my 2 favorite men – the Bert and my daddy!


I think this might have been before the wedding – god only knows what they were discussing! :)

Day 7 – Favorite Movies

I’m a movie junkie but I’m only going to list the movies that I will watch every. single. time. they are on TV!


I LOVE Drop Dead Fred. Like obsessively love it. Bert thinks it’s stupid but whatev. If you like this movie we are automatically bff!


I’m also obsessed with Gone with the Wind. Best movie ever in my opinion.

Can’t forget the classic Julia Roberts movies….

Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman. I could watch these movies any time.

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was 19 weeks on Saturday. One more week and I’ll be half way there!


I switched sides to see if I looked less awkward. As you can see, I still look ridiculous! I’m gonna start posing with a cat or dog. Or something!

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Total Weight Gained: Let’s just recap. I don’t weigh at home. Mainly because Bert really wants me to gain 200 lbs and I don’t feel like arguing with him over the accuracy of our scale. According to the doctor’s office I’ve gained 2 lbs total. (as of last month)

Maternity Clothes: Some stuff I can still wear. But maternity clothes are much more comfortable. 

Sleep: I feel like I never get enough sleep!

Best Moment of the Week: Were there any good moments? Not sure.

Food Cravings: Salads. Poppy seed dressing. Caramel apples. But only because I saw them on Lisa’s blog! 

Food Aversions: Eggs.

Symptoms: I’m pretty sure this baby is trying to kill me. Well maybe I shouldn’t be that dramatic but I’m pretty sure Baby D is growing inside my vagina. You’re welcome! – I find myself saying “ow” and holding myself a lot. It’s quite unpleasant.

I’m also very clumsy. I drop everything I pick up. Hopefully this is gone when the baby gets here. So basically don’t let me hold your kid. :)

Movement: I’m pretty sure I felt the baby move. Even though Bert says I didn’t. But what the hell does he know? 

Gender: One week and we’ll know for sure. I’m curious to see if Random guy at the DMV was right! Cast your votes for boy/girl so we can see what everyone thinks!

What I miss: I’m still stuck on wine. I can’t help it. Just call me a wino. I’m pretty sure after I have the baby I’m not gonna want wine anymore. I’ll be pissed.

What I'm looking forward to: Gender ultrasound in 7 days!

Weekly Wisdom: People tell you that your pregnancy flies by. Tell those people to call me. Or better yet, just ask me. This is taking for flipping ever. – Does that count as wisdom??

Milestones: Just to warn you….this is TMI. Like excessive TMI. So if you still want to be my friend please don’t read this part. k thanks.

It’s a milestone if I can go to the bathroom! Like break out the champagne kinda milestone.

I told you not to read that part! Will you still be my friend?!?



Day 4 & Day 5

Way behind. So what?!? I’m pregnant and pissed off. What else is new??

Day 4: The Parentals

I personally think my parents are fabulous. My parents have been divorced for over 20 years and both are remarried. They all get along great and we’re one big happy family.

Meet Wen…..

wen's camera 001

The best mom ever. Okay, maybe I stayed pissed at her in high school but now we are best friends. Honestly. She’s more like my twin than my mom. We’re so much alike.


wen's camera 002

Paul is my stepdad. We’ve had our moments but for the most part we’re pretty close. He’s helping us a lot with our new house. He and my mom have been married about 13 years.


This is my daddy Richard, and my stepmom Trisha. They are fab and just happen to live across the street. They feed us a lot. :)

Here’s another picture of Ricker. I’m a super obsessed daddy’s girl. It’s insane really.


There you have it. Those are my fabulously amazing parents!


Day 5: Siblings


So really I have no siblings. It’s just me. And I’ve never had a problem with that. I adore being an only child. When I was 16 I told my mom she should have a baby and she laughed in my face. But anyway, the picture is me and the bestie Courtney. She’s the closest thing to a sister since we’ve been friends for over 20 years. We grew up at each other’s houses so we’ll count her as a “sibling.”

I have other friends that our child will call “aunt” even though I am an only child.

More pics 007

This is Melody, Bert’s sister. She counts too!

Maybe I’ll get some sister wives to help me raise my kid! Oh and take care of the hubs.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Count me In!

I’m hopping on board with the whole 30-day blog challenge. Mainly because all the cool people are doing it (and you should too). I also really need to quit bitching complaining so much. :)

So now that I’ve decided today to start I’m behind. Shocking I know.

Day 1: Introduce, Recent Picture, 15 Interesting Facts

Newlywed. Recently knocked up (by my husband – just to clarify). Slightly obsessive animal lover. Southern girl. Alabama football lover. Hypochondriac. That should do for now.


I totally cheated on a recent picture. This is from the bestie’s wedding. I’m the brunette in case you couldn’t tell! I hate all my preggo pictures and just in case someone new stops by, I don’t want to scare them away with a scary lary picture of myself in an awkward pose.

I’m sure if you really want to know 15 things about me. I might scare some people off.

1. My dogs, Dayne and Maggie, are really our first born children. I cry if I have to spend the night away from them.

2. The most stressful thing about my pregnancy so far is naming this baby. I swear I’m gonna let someone else pick the name.

3. Nothing pisses me off more than people who don’t consider their dogs or cats to be part of the family. Why get a pet if you can’t properly take care of it?

4. I would rather stay in, cook dinner, and watch a movie than go out. Any night of the week.

5. I’m afraid I will die every time I take a shower and I’m home alone. 

6. I hate traffic and red lights make me never want to leave home. I’m weird.

7. I never finished college. I’m a big fat giver upper! Maybe I will go back and finish one day.

8. I have only ever wanted one child. If this baby is a boy. We are done. (if it’s up to me)

9. I have a really hard time dealing with close-minded people. I always try to be open-minded about things I disagree with.

10. I have this insane obsession with cloth diapering. All my friends IRL think I won’t be able to deal with the hassle. I’m definitely going to try it. I think.

11. I have a very bad temper and excessive road rage. Sorry.

12. I can’t fall asleep if I can see a drawer that isn’t shut all the way.

13. I’ve never fallen asleep without my TV on. I know. I’m killing the planet. But we recycle!

14. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but I absolutely hate school. So I guess I’m settling. Shhh….don’t tell Bert.

15. I oddly refer to my husband, John Paul, as Bert or Berty. It’s something I came up with one day. I rarely call him by his given name. Or any of my pets by their name. I don’t know. I’m weird.


Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name.

There’s not really anything special behind the blog name. Just something I came up with when I decided to start blogging.


Day 3: Your First Love

Now this is a good one. Am I supposed to pretend that the hubs was my very first one and only love? Cause I’m pretty sure I wasn’t his “first love” either. I guess it would have to be a guy I dated in high school or the guy I dated before I met John Paul. Not dragging out pictures of that.

But, I’m happy to say that the one I married is definitely “the one.” He’s amazing, deals with my insanity, and lets me have 4 pets! He rocks!


*picture courtesy Scottie Jones Photography

I had to steal an old engagement picture off FB because I have no current pictures on my work computer. It’s unfortunate.

I think I’ll catch up on the rest tomorrow. This post is excessive already. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and Roll Tide!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


First off thanks so much for the prayers and tweets on Monday. They made me feel so much better! I just love all my bloggy friends! :)

Bert’s surgery was successful, for the most part. I was not allowed to take pictures and I quote, “Do NOT take any pictures of me after surgery and post them on your blog!” Oops.

They removed the penis stent! Woo Hoo! And got most of the stones. There was 1 they missed but decided not to go back in so hopefully he will pass it on his own. We did get a picture of the stones. Sorry for the bad quality. (I did NOT take my camera to the hospital.) stones

Bert is feeling much better just really sore. They did not suture the incision so he just basically has this big hole in his back that we have to keep dressed. It’s quite nasty. Hopefully there will be no future posts about penis stents! {fingers are crossed}


I am way past the Bumpdate so I will just hit the high spots. Sorry there's no picture this week.

I’m 18 weeks. I think I felt the baby move last night, even though JP says I didn’t. I mean how does he know?! I don’t weigh at home so I will stick with 2 lbs gained. Still craving the pickled okra – and my grocery store has been out since Friday. This is unacceptable.

I feel like I got really big all of a sudden this week. And I’m not gonna lie…I kinda feel gross. Maybe I’ll get over it soon. Hope everyone has had a great week. Sorry I’ve been so MIA. The whole husband-with-a-hole-in-his-back thing is keeping me occupied. Not to mention the overnight stay in the local hospital. Fun times!! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Lennon

Today would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. The hubs is a huge Lennon fan so I thought I should post a tribute. And as Mrs.Werginz pointed out, there’s no better way to celebrate than posting a naked John Lennon pic on the blog. Again. 


Happy 70th birthday John Lennon. You are greatly missed.

Friday, October 8, 2010

It’s a sad, sad day…..

Things are not all rainbows and butterflies over here today. The penile stent removal was a failure. Well not so much a failure as “wasn’t even attempted.”

The stones are still there. The lithotripsy did basically nothing to help the situation. Bert was very pissed disappointed to leave with the stent still in his mister. We have a new doctor now and he’s scheduled for surgery on Monday. This time they will go in through his back, into the kidney, to remove the stones.

We have to spend the night at the hospital and to top it off he has to be there at 5:30. I’ll never survive this! Hopefully the problem will be alleviated this time and we can treat the cause of the stones after they are gone.

I’m pretty much over the whole kidney stone deal. It’s really starting to piss me off. Don’t these doctors know I’m pregnant and pissed off?! And it’s hard to yell at your husband when he has a stent in his penis.

Moving on…today would have been my Grandma’s 82nd birthday. We miss her like crazy! Happy Birthday G’ma!!



Hopefully this is the last post about penile stents. I was told it would be removed Monday while John Paul is under anesthesia. (thank God!) Frankly I’m tired of my posts being centered around penises.

Have and awesome weekend! Oh and Roll Tide!!! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I Think About in the Shower….


What was that noise?!

“Dayne??” “Maggie?!!” “DAYNE!!! MAGGIE!!!”

Oh my god I’m gonna die!!!

Do I hear someone??

I think I watch too much Criminal Minds…..

Maybe if I get stabbed I can play dead and I’ll survive.

Where’s my cell phone?!

Why is my stomach so hairy??

My poor boobs….

Did I hear a robber?!?!

OMG I have to get out!!

I’m scared to get out….should I get out?

I wonder if April on Grey’s was right? If I tell the killer about myself he won’t kill me…..

And that my friends is what crosses my mind every time I shower at night when my husband is at work. He works nights and I have to shower alone in the house and I fear I will die every single time. I blame Criminal Minds. And we have an alarm so you don’t need to pity me. Also, my dad lives across the street. I’m a wuss. What can I say??

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bumpdate….way late (of course)

I suck at doing this on the actual day…umm, Saturday. I’m just really really lazy. :)


Just wanted to show y’all what I don’t  look like. Just in case you were wondering. (That’s at our rehearsal dinner and those are my cute grandparents!) Moving on.

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Total Weight Gained: 2 lbs total. I gained .6lbs this past month. Bert is definitely being the weight gain Nazi and told the doctor I don’t consume enough calories. Doc is gonna check the growth of the baby at our next appointment and see if I need to gain more weight. I can’t help it if there are only 2 calories in pickled okra!

Maternity Clothes: I ordered some stuff from Old Navy. I need it bad!

Sleep: Pretty good this week….

Best Moment of the Week: Is it bad that I can’t think of one???

Food Cravings: Pickled okra!!! And banana peppers.

Food Aversions: Eggs.

Symptoms: Pregnancy. Acne. Heartburn – for the first time. Lots of other unpleasant things that I won’t make you read. :)

Movement: I haven’t felt the baby move yet. I don’t think. I really don’t know. Does that make me a bad mother already??

Gender: Random guy at the DMV says boy. I have no clue.

What I miss: Should I stop saying wine? I don’t want people to think I’m an alcoholic. I miss normal size boobs too. I feel like a not so cute playmate who wears only sweats and t-shirts.

What I'm looking forward to: John Paul’s penile stent removal tomorrow! I’m looking for volunteers to accompany him to his appointment. Anyone??

Weekly Wisdom: I’m fresh outta wisdom this week.

Milestones: I’m looking for some milestones. Let me know if there’s anything I’ve achieved that I don’t realize. I guess we’re all still alive and we made it 2 weeks with THE stent.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Learned at the DMV

- Everyone that works at the Tag and License office despises their job. But I really can’t blame them. Paying taxes pisses people off – so most of their customers are in a bad mood.


- Pregnancy is a handicap – the man in front of me was applying for a handicap sticker because his girlfriend was pregnant. I’m pissed no one offered me a handicap tag. If pregnancy is a handicap can it also be a disability?? I wouldn’t mind sitting on my a** all day drawing a check. :) – I’m totally kidding – I don’t mind working – I’m just a lazy pissed off pregnant lady.

- Apparently I am having a boy.  A man in line behind me said in the best southern – slightly redneck – voice possible:

SSRM ( southern slightly redneck man): “Excuse me ma’am? Do you know what you’re having?” 

Me: thinking – what the hell is he talking about? Oh yeah I’m knocked up! “Umm no I haven’t found out yet.”

SSRM: “Well just wanted to let you know I’m pretty sure you’re having a boy.”

Me: “My husband really wants a boy so maybe you’re right.”

This man was super nice. It was kinda weird (hardest word to spell ever!) since I haven’t had a stranger ask me about my pregnancy until today. It caught me off guard but if you’re wondering how he predicted the pregnancy let me explain.

His father was the master at pregnancy prediction. Something to do with the moon. Not real sure how the moon affected this but anyway – he went on to ask my due date and informed me if I could hold out 6 days longer I could have the baby on his birthday! Awesome new stranger baby predictor friend!

Happy Monday! Check back for a bump date post!