Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can we talk about the gym for a moment?

K. Thanks! I’m the laziest, most unmotivated, Reese’s white chocolate peanut butter egg lover known to man. It’s quite unfortunate. Trust me. I never exercise and I may or might not have laughed in my husband’s face when he asked if I wanted to join the gym. But low and behold….I did. Me and exercise, we have a love – hate relationship.

Well I found my motivation when I was going to the doctor every other day every few months to obtain some crazy pills much needed medication for my slight anxiety issues following G’ma’s death. Anywho, my doctor just happens to be {ridiculously} attractive.


You know in a McSteamy kind of way. :) The main side effect of the medication he chose for me was weight gain. But technically it’s increased hunger which results in increased eating bringing us back to said weight gain. He nonchalantly looks at me and says, “You are in control of what you eat.” I just smile and nod because frankly I’m not even listening, you know I’m all distracted and nervous and psychotic, hence the need for the visit in the first place. So as I’m skipping out of the doctors office with my new script for happy pills I call the hubs and fill him in. When I get to the part about weight gain and controlling what I eat it becomes unusually quiet. Apparently he dropped the phone in his fit of laughter and couldn’t reach it while rolling on the floor.

Needless to say this is me 5 months later….


Now I’m motivated and I’ve been hitting the gym with Hitler my loving husband in hopes of losing a few pounds before all these summer weddings. I think he’s trying to kill me, but I’m on to him! I sit at a desk all day and I can barely move. I feel like I’m dying!

Not to mention the fact that this girl apparently works out next to me every. single. day. Who looks like this at the gym? Not me.


Me on the other hand. I am a hot mess. Like this.


So for those of you trying to lose a few pounds I feel ya! I’m struggling but by golly when I go back to see McSteamy I will be thinner!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wake Up In The Mornin’….

….feelin’ like P. Diddy  a 13-year-old boy going through puberty. I have more acne today than my awkward junior high years! It’s rather ridiculous actually. I might have to stop by Walgreens for some of this….


So today I passed this while driving to work


I do not wish to offend any drivers of camo clad vehicles, but I cannot wrap my mind around this concept. Do you drive after the poor creature you are {hunting}? Granted I do not hunt nor does my husband but I’m pretty sure the animals can still see that this is a truck. I’m assuming it still makes truck noises?? Am I missing something with this one??


New Moon. Need I say more. I am one of the fanatics. I just love the Twilight Saga. When reading the books I found myself hating Jacob and pretending my husband was loving Edward. However, in New Moon I can’t help but drool over Jacob Black. I mean do you know {anyone} who can make jorts look this sexy??


Didn’t think so.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All that I’m After is a Life Full of Laughter….

….and {beautiful} pictures that capture the essence of my marriage taken by an insanely (beautiful) photographer with a ridiculous gift for capturing life in a picture.

Izzie Rae Photography (who also happens to be a long lost friend) took some amazing pictures of me and the Hubs. I am absolutely in love with them! Thank you so much Elizabeth! You did a fabulous job!

Here are a {few} of my favorites….









Ok guys sorry for the picture overload! I’m obsessed!


*All pictures courtesy Izzie Rae Photography*

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bad Aunt

So Wednesday night my “nephew” Caleb stayed with me. {He’s 10} His mom brought him by my office and we headed to the zoo home. Now, keep in mind that Caleb’s family does not have animals, so my 2 children kindly wildly welcomed him (and maybe scared the crapola out of him). After he finished fighting off the kids while attempting to eat, it was time for me to entertain him……okay, some of you might remember that I am maternally challenged, this could present a problem.

So how do you entertain a 10-year-old you ask. Well you let him watch whatever he wants while he spends time away from his 2 younger brothers. Oh and you should let him show you magic tricks too.

So while Caleb was watching TV I headed to the kitchen to find something yummy. Low and behold there sat my best friend, BROWNIES. What kid doesn’t love brownies?

I dump the mix into the bowl add the water and oil as called for. I head to the fridge for 1 egg. ONE EGG people. No eggs. Not. Even. One. I promised the kid brownies, already opened the beloved box and added 2 of the 3 ingredients and I don’t have any flippin’ eggs?!? Are you serious? Why yes, unfortunately.

I turn to my trusty friend Google for help. What can replace an egg in brownie mix? I look through several answers and decide to go with the most common answer. Reviews said things like, “you’ll never know the difference,” and “no one will be able to tell.” Fabulous. Luckily I had this mystery ingredient on hand. What is it you ask?? I am embarrassed to share, BUT since I am all open and honest, and not easily embarrassed I shall share. Drum roll…………

Try not to gag, or throw up in your mouth……..

People, I put MAYONNAISE in the brownies. 1/4 tbsp to be exact. I stirred it up poured it in the pan and baked. For 35 minutes. Took the brownies out and they were no where near done. So, I baked them for 15 minutes more. I took them out. They looked like normal brownies. Sure. Around the edges.

The only thing that threw me off was the white bubbly foam in the middle of the brownies. Not sure that’s normal. Oh yeah Google. No one will EVER know. Maybe if they like white foamy rabid brownies. Awesome. This was a major FAIL.

I decide it’s better not to poison my best friend’s first born so I toss the brownies and wish, and hope, and think, and pray he forgets about the brownies. Right. Didn’t happen that way.

Caleb: “Hey what about the brownies??” {you know that you promised me}

Worst {Aunt} Ever: “Oh. Well. About that….Awkward Silence while I think of something to say…..well the brownies were no good. (I can’t tell him about the mayo. He might tell his mom I tried to kill him). How about some cheese???”

Caleb: looks at me like I have murdered his very best friend – okay not really that dramatic but you get the point

I head back to the pantry and find some Girl Scout Cookies. Score! I knew those Cookie Girls were good for something. “How about some super awesomely fabulous GIRL SCOUT COOKIES? Oh, and you can stay up as late as you want!”

*Disclaimer: no children were injured in this brownie experimentation.

P.S. Kim, if you read this please do not hold this against me! Hopefully your child is not traumatized and might want to venture back over.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes...3 Posts in 1 Day!

I'm not sure what I did but the last 2 posts I posted did not have the option to comment. So if you felt the urge to comment and you couldn't I'm very sorry! I think I fixed it now. {Hopefully, maybe, somewhere out there someone actually wanted to comment :)!!}

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday night!

101 In 1001

I made my list today!! I’m so excited to {copy} everyone else and do this!! The Hubs is working on list too so I might post his on here too. You can view my list here or a by using the tab at the top of the page. I will update when I accomplish or begin something!
If you have a list let me know! I love to see what everyone wants to do!

Blog Award!


Yay!!  My very first blog award!! Thanks Katie!!

The rules for the award are...

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. :)

2. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who you think have a beautiful blog

TB Mommy

Chapter’s of Our Life

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Confessions of an Ex-Drama Queen


3. Contact the 7 bloggers and let them know that they have been awarded.

4. Say 7 things about yourself.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King and I read more than I sleep
  • The Twilight Saga is my secret obsession
  • My daddy is my hero
  • I’ve always wanted to work for the American Cancer Society
  • When I see a truck transporting animals I have to turn and go another route to avoid having to see them :)
  • I could survive on fruit and pickles alone
  • I miss the days when Spring Break actually meant something to me :(

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh Sweet Tea…How I’ll Miss You

(And dippin’ dots, Checkers, McDonalds, Yogurt Mountain, etc.) I went to the doctor today for a follow up and I have gained even more weight! Sad day, I know. It’s time to disconnect the sweet tea IV and hit the gym!

I’m just so lazy and completely addicted to sweet tea and well now it’s catching up to me. So for my 2 bestie’s weddings this summer I’m going to try and lose 10 pounds. My goal is to lose 5 pounds by April 25th, our wedding anniversary. I will keep y’all posted!

So we went to see the Wizard of Oz Friday night and I went off and left my camera! I was so mad!! Anywho, we ate at Surin before we left town and my sushi was fabulous!! My little cousin was the cutest darn munchkin out there!

*She’s sportin’ the green feather*

Yesterday we had our photo shoot! It went fabulous and I cannot wait to see the pictures!! 

I hope your Monday was or is fabulous! And for those of you on Spring Break we can no longer be friends due to extreme jealousy on my part….

Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet the *Fur-Children*

So I think it’s time to officially introduce y’all to our fur-children. They are super awesome so be prepared to experience intense envy and lots of happy smiles as they are {in my opinion of course} the cutest darn fur-children around! :) {However, my new bloggy friends have some really cute and fabulously awesome fur-children as well….they are a very close second}

Meet Dayne


I had Dayne when I met John Paul. He initiated him into the world of dog ownership. I knew we would be together forever when he let my child move in with us! Dayne is 5 and such a big (literally)  momma’s boy. He weighs in at a whopping 120lbs and is by far the most amazing dog ever!

Meet Maggie


We got Maggie right after we bought our house. She will be 3 in April. Maggie came from our local shelter and had Parvo when we got her. After about a week in the vet and few hundred dollars she was all better and has changed our lives. She has the BEST personality and the Hubs likes her way more than me. She is a source of constant laughter and her incessantly wagging tail warms my heart!

Introducing…..LeRoy (John Paul chose this name. Please try not to poke fun at my poor child)


Leroy was found as a little baby in my grandmother’s garage. John Paul was called to the rescue and he has warmed our hearts since. He’s so gentle and loving and snuggly. We just love him!

And last but not least…Bailey


Bailey is our newest addition. She was rescued by my friend Amy from a hotel parking lot not far from my house. Now the fact that all my animals must have a bestie of the opposite sex worked out perfectly for Bay. She just fell right in to the mix. She and Leroy are the best of friends and they are so in love!


So there you have it! Our *fur-children*

Tonight I am picking up Franklin to doggy sit for 10 days. I hope he enjoys the zoo we like to call home!


*please excuse the hot mess that would be me in the above picture-looks like I had a long hard day – lets go with that*

We are off to see the Wizard tonight and I cannot wait! My little cousin is in Broadway Across America’s The Wizard of Oz and we are headed to see her perform tonight. We saw Wicked when they came through Alabama last year so I know this show will be fab! Have a great weekend!

Show Us Your Life


KellyShowUs.jpg picture by tricianaedesigns

Today Kelly’s show us you life topic is Favorite Charities so I decide to join in! If you read my blog it is obvious that animal rescue is very dear to my heart. One of my favorite local charities is ADAR animal rescue. This local organization is headed up my an amazing woman who has become one of my dearest friends. She takes animals out of our local high kill shelter and places them in forever homes in the New England area. My heart bleeds for shelter pets and I have been so excited to be hands on in the rescue process. My husband and I have fostered a few pets, volunteered at the shelter, and worked to help Amy around her home and with caring for all the shelter pets she takes in.

ASPCA - We Are Their Voice

The ASPCA is a fabulous organization for animal protection. I love this organization and what it stands for.

I am also a huge fan of the Susan G. Komen foundation and all they do for breast cancer awareness and prevention. 

These are a few organizations I love. Join in on the fun. I would love to hear what charities you girlies love!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

~ My newest bloggy friend, Amanda, has given me some great “dieting” tips. I am taking the challenge. I will no longer drink a gallon of sweet tea a day, nor will I eat Dippin’ Dots for lunch.

~ I haven’t eaten a doughnut since my Grandmother died back in November. Isn’t that weird?? Even {weirder}…neither has my husband. Krispy Kreme reminds both of us of my fabulous G’ma and neither one of us have eaten one since she passed. (I still have not gotten around to wrapping up my post I started the day before she died….I’m a wuss. It’s unfortunate really.)

~ My new obsession….I’m very sad to admit to this. Please don’t make fun. Call of Duty. I played one night with the Hubs (you know to get in some quality time) and now I’m hooked! I play even when he’s not home. Go ahead. Laugh. It’s okay! :)

~ I have a {slight} panic attack every time I see a stray animal! I am not opposed to stop on the side of the road and make a complete fool of myself trying to save every animal I see.

~ If you have a pet and your animal stays inside, and more importantly shares the bed with you…you are my new best friend! I just LOVE people who LOVE their pets like they deserve to be loved. Nothing makes me happier than a crazy pet lover.

~ Sunday we have an awesome photo shoot scheduled with a friend from high school! I absolutely CANNOT wait. I just know it is going to be fabulous. She’s going to take some pictures of me and the hubs and {hopefully} the fur children if they cooperate. Check her out here. You better hurry if you want her to photograph you! She’s moving to England with her husband very soon. It’s ok to be jealous!! I’m green with envy. It’s a fairy tale come true!!

I hope y’all have a great Thursday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Happy Day

I am LOVING my Blog Makeover thanks to Leslie! I personally think she did a fabulous job!! Go check her out!

So its {finally} Friday! Yay for Fridays!! I am meeting a super hot friend for drinks after work and then heading home to what I do best! (i.e. veg out, not exercise, watch unhealthy amounts of television, etc.) The Hubs is working all weekend so I will be piled up in the bed by 7:30 watching Gone with the Wind and praying that maybe, just maybe Rhett won’t leave this time!! Don’t you wish he would stay?!? It’s okay, even if he does leave I will just pretend like he stayed and they lived happily ever after. :)

My obsession with Gone with the Wind is rather unhealthy. And my obsession with Rhett is completely insane. I’ve been on a kick trying to convince my husband that we should name our son Rhett (if we ever have a child, and a son at that). He won’t give in. I have given up! {for now}!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dieting 101

I have officially gained 15 lbs since my wedding last year. It is quite unfortunate really. I have always been the skinny-girl-who-eats-whatever-she-wants-and-never-gains-weight. Well my new friend enemy reality has hit home, and well fatness here I come. 15 extra pounds on a small person = spare tire and thunder thighs and exceptionally large ta-tas that make for an extremely giddy husband breast reductions a fabulous idea. So with all that said I am in 2 previously mentioned weddings this summer, one in May and one in June. No spare tires or thunder thighs allowed in my friends weddings. They would not be happy to pull out wedding pictures 10 years from now and have to scratch out my face so no one can recognize me! Let’s preview these super hot bridesmaid dresses I will be sexily modeling in a few short months.

Wedding A:

Cotton Sateen Strapless Dress with Ruching and Pockets

Wedding B:

Jim Hjelm Occasions Bridesmaids Dresses Style jh5853 by JLM Couture, Inc.

Now seeing these beautiful dresses and my fatness should be enough motivation right? Yeah I thought so too. WRONG. After trying on dress B today and having my mother fake compliments to make me feel better about my {situation} I decided the best way to start my weight loss plan would be to eat a large order of cheese fries and an apple pie from Checkers. I know disgusting!! I just can’t help myself. So tonight I will attempt to find some motivation to get in shape for the besties weddings. (Maybe I will stand in front of the mirror in my bikini and resist the urge to eat an entire pan of brownies topped with ice cream) I think I should have given up sweets for Lent.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Manic Monday

SO….I just typed a ridiculously long blog post full of butterflies and happy thoughts only to accidently close it with saving the draft! Fabulous! Needless to say all my unicorns and happy thoughts flew out the window! I HATE MONDAYS.

Well other than the fact that the season finale of this show comes on tonight…

I can’t help it. I’m obsessed! It’s quite unfortunate really. As much as I hate Mondays I live for Monday nights. Go ahead….make fun of me. No really it’s ok. I make fun of myself too! I yell at Jake for his poor choices keeping that heifer Vienna, and not letting Ali come back. Oh well sad day. I’m sure he will pick Vienna and me and Maggie will cry and yell and scream because he’s making a terrible choice and ruining his life. But maybe I’m wrong….who knows it’s just a tv show! Anywho, enjoy your Monday night, root for Tenley and say a quick prayer that Jake doesn’t propose to that unfortunate sausage, Vienna.