Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maternally Challenged

So last night I had the pleasure of picking up the cutest little girl {EVER} from school. I mean have you ever seen a cuter face?!? I know you haven't!

I was super excited to see her sweet face. So I left work (in the tornadic weather....well not really tornadic but super scary darkness!) and headed to pick up TB. Now TB happens to go to school where I went to school so you're thinking I should know how to find the pre-school. WRONG! So I call my bestie Courtney and she directs me to the "new" road that leads to the preschool. Now this "new" road is actually a ghetto-fied gravel/dirt sketchy PATH to the pre-school. Once I make it to the school I go in and see TB and we're off to find her back pack and car seat.

Now, most normal people know how to install a car seat. Well folks...I am maternally challenged. TB and I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out how to put the *$!@ thing in the car. With a little a lot of help from the munchkin I figured it out and got her secured in her carseat and we were off to McDonald's for some chiten(chicken) and FRIES!!

I took TB home {sad day} and we played for a bit with Mommy and T and when I had to leave (because the tornadoes were coming, and TBMommy and T were murdering mice) she cried pretended to cry because she wanted to go with me. It broke my heart and I promised TBMommy that we would have a play date next weekend so she and T could have a grown-up date. I can't wait.

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