Friday, May 28, 2010

The Scary House

Here are the pictures I’ve been meaning to post for the last week!! Please keep in mind that the house is a work in progress and I am pitching fits daily asking nicely to get rid of all the scary lary elements of the house!

Let’s start with the hall leading to the pool room…

house and such 017

Okay maybe the hall doesn’t look that scary but trust me it is.

The pool room…

house and such 018

Scary lary isn’t it?!?!?

This is the door leading out of the pool to the Troll’s home…

house and such 019

Let’s take a closer look…

house and such 020

The Lock!!

The Troll’s home…

house and such 022

Sorry I couldn’t actually go OUT the door for fear of waking him!

The laundry room…{outside}…

house and such 024

Sorry it’s really dark…and creepy…but that’s the laundry room all the way on the other side!!

My ice cream parlor green laundry room!

house and such 028

There you have it! All the scary parts of the house. Apparently there’s a door outside the pool room that allows you to go UNDER the pool. WTF?? I wish no one had told me that. There’s no telling what lives under there!

Happy Friday!!!


Annie said...

so that's where scary larry lives?! in that troll home, okay that is scary!! i would be terrified as well!
the pool room looks kind of eery!

have a good weekend hun!

Cherry Berry said...

It is kind of scary!! The pool room does look a little eerie and I would never do laundry if I had to walk outside to get to it! Haha! I've just always been a scaredy cat! I watched way too many scary movies when I was a child! And I refuse to watch scary movies ever since I moved out of my parents house years ago!
I think some paint on the Troll door would make it look a lot less scary!
Good luck!

Susannah said...

Yeah, most def that shit would all scare the bejesus out of me! You are not exaggerating! And the laundry room-the color ALONE makes it freaky! You have lots to do!

Lil' Woman said...

That does look kinda scary..I would take a flashlight and hammer where ever I went.