Friday, May 21, 2010


Holy-mother-of-god people!! Did you see Grey’s Anatomy last night? I mean really?? Seriously?? Scared the shit crap out of me! (If you haven’t seen it a) you must live in another country, b) you live in a hole, or c) we can no longer be friends because you choose not to watch the best show ever in existence) In other words, don’t read this if you haven’t watched yet)

I must say this episode was by far the best episode of the season. I was scared to flippin’ death and I could not turn away. I made the hubs watch it with me and I know he’s secretly addicted. (just like with the Bachelor….I think he watches this show because you obviously must wear at least a size D bra in order to be a contestant) Anywho back to Grey’s….

Shooter loose in the hospital. No mercy. Shoots everyone. Except Christina and Meredith. Thank god because I think that would have pushed me right over the edge and straight into cardiac arrest.

I think by far my favorite scene was when Owen comes to find Christina and totally plays off the shooter being in the OR. I expected Derek to be dead and I had a mild anxiety attack. When Meredith rushes in and tells him to shoot her instead I died. Well obviously not really but you get the dramatics, right??


Why does my husband ignore me? I know random but seriously?? I don’t think he likes me but whatever. I stalk call bbm him throughout the day and no response. Usually. Maybe I get on his nerves. I mean he has 7 straight days off work. What better to do than appease me and answer my texts? We both have blackberry’s so when I send him a message I can see when and if he reads it. When he reads the message and I get no response for hours minutes I morph into I’m-your-effin’-wife-I-will-not-be-ignored mode. It’s quite lovely. You should try it. Well unless your husband doesn’t ignore you.

That’s all I have to bitch about today.

Happy Friday!!


Lil' Woman said...

I haven't seen it but now I'm dying to...and the 'I'm your effin' wife I will not be ignored' had me cracking up.

littledaisymay said...

I was freaking out too! It was such a crazy episode!

Southerland Living said...

girl, I missed Grey's!! I had it on in the other room and I am going to watch it soon.. Facebook was all about it though! I can't stand when my hubby ignores my texts either! I'm usually really really annoying and call him a bunch!

Jeremy said...

I was so into Grey's last night I had to remind mydelf to breath!! INTENSE!!!!

Stephanie said...

OMG! So with you on Grey's. I couldn't turn off the TV or look away...and was greatful that I watched the DVR version on about a 30 minute delay! I didn't have to wait for commercials to find out what was next. Can't wait for next season!

IGal said...

I loved it too!!

IGal said...

Btw hate when my bf ignores my texts too... lol

Stacey C said...

First Grey's I've watched in ages, and purely accidental. Walked into my house, roomie watching it in living room, and BAM! Alex is down! Me: "What in TARNATION just happened to Alex?" Her: "SEASON FINALE!" So, I was glued. Decent, and definitely scary.

I get so annoyed when my bf doesn't answer as quickly as I want him to... he insists that a lot of times he can't answer me immediately because he's wrapped up in work, and then he forgets to later. Chalk it up to that? Then again, I can't see if he's read it. That. Would. Drive. Me. Nuts.