Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The New Crib

Pictures to come!! But first I must fill you all in on the background of this house. Since our house finally sold we are in the process of buying my grandmother’s house. You may find this creepy but I think it will turn out fabulously. (and she didn’t die IN the house so no hauntings or anything of that nature should be going on)

This is the house my dad grew up in and he and my step-mom live right across the street. My grandparents lived there since 1959! We all met over there this weekend to start going through her stuff and deciding what to keep, etc. Lindsay (my fabulous cousin) and I couldn’t help but share our memories and {fears} associated with this house. Lindsay and I both lived with g’ma at some point in our adult lives and let me tell you this house scares the crap out of us! 

For starters G’ma totally believed that there was no need to lock the doors. In fact there weren’t even keys to her house. I lived there for about a year and never once had a door key. She would rather the robbers just come in and take whatever they wanted rather than having to replace a broken door or window. She reassured me by saying that if someone broke in to just pretend like I was sleeping that way they wouldn’t shoot me! Awesome!

This house also has an {indoor} pool off the back of the house. There’s a long hallway leading to the pool room and then the room that actually houses the pool. Let me just tell you that it is the scariest thing EVER. The door that leads outside to the pool pump is so flippin’ scary. It’s wooden and warped and hasn’t shut in years. I’m convinced that trolls live out that door. Anytime I had to walk past the scary hallway I would run! Full blast. As a child and as a twenty something adult.

This is the troll, Scary Lary that lives outside the pool room….


I told you it was scary!! The other thing that scares the crap out of me is the laundry room. The laundry room is off the back of the garage outside and let me tell you…I may never wash clothes again. I haven’t really thought about it until we went over there this weekend….and I have yet to inform the hubs that I cannot run fast enough to the laundry room and even when I get there safely I do not feel safe. This is possibly the scariest room I’ve ever seen. It’s painted an ice cream parlor green (not sure why I think that when I see this color but it might be because of my slight addiction to ice cream) the room is filled with spider webs and frankly I just can’t deal with it.

I’m always afraid to open the door because I’m scared some unknown creature will be behind the door. Picture this….mad dash out the back door down the steps and across the patio…in all actuality it’s probably 10 ft….once I reach the door I kick it in, gather my clothes and run like hell to the safety of the house.

At the moment these are the {only} 2 things that absolutely terrify me about moving into this house. Well other than the creature that lives in attic, and well Freddy frequents the indoor pool. Do you think I will be able to cope. Are y’all going to come stay with me when Bert is working 7 nights straight?!?! What will I do with all my dirty clothes??

I’m making it a point to take pictures of all these scary things so you won’t feel left out!!

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d.a.r. said...

Oh em gee. That troll is going to revist me in my nightmares tonight, I am sure of it.

After this post, it is absolutely essential that you post pictures of this place, haha! Particularly the ice cream parlor green laundry room!