Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sorry I have been so MIA lately. I have never painted so much in my entire life. Remind me again why I thought this was such a good idea??

I just wanted to share a few tips I have learned this past week in an attempt to completely make over my G’mas 1959 home into a more modern and chic home.

  • It is never okay to ask your husband’s opinion on paint tile flooring bedding anything.
  • I have written Home Depot execs and asked them to hand out coupons for free marriage counseling with all paint samples.
  • You should paint your house during your husband’s 7-on pattern rather than when he’s off for 7 days. straight.
  • If you do so happen to get lucky and agree on a paint color give in and let your husband choose the color, run to the store and buy it right then. Paint the walls before anyone changes their mind. (I also put a warning sign on the door kindly letting others know that their opinion does not matter and to keep it to themselves. It was a long day.)
  • Oil-based paint does not clean up. With anything. I’ve had paint on my face, legs, and arms for days.
  • You should never wash out paint brushes filled with oil-based paint in your kitchen sink. See above.
  • Oil-based paint is the devil.
  • Always hire someone to paint your ceilings. Trust me on this one. It’s worth the money. Your sanity is very important for your life and marriage. We painted one ceiling. Luckily we survived and hired someone to do the rest of the house.
  • If you pitch a big enough fit sometimes, just sometimes, you can get your way. (I got an estimate on screening in the porch leading to the scary lary laundry room!! No need to applaud…)  

Stay tuned for more tips. I took some pictures but I left my camera at home today. I will post pictures tonight! Happy Thursday!!


Southerland Living said...

You are sooo FUNNY!
My Hubs works 8 ON, 6 OFF!
SO, I know exactly what you are saying!

Shell said...

Too funny abou the marriage counseling! You should have seen dh and I decide on living room furniture.

d.a.r. said...

Home improvement projects should come with free marriage counseling. Seriously!