Friday, May 7, 2010

Miss me yet??


This is NOT a political post! I just love this picture of cute little Georgie!

I have definitely been absent from blogging. It has been insanely busy at work and we have been busy with other things as well. Tonight I have a rehearsal for a wedding I am in tomorrow. I have been meaning to get a tan but I haven’t had any free time! I will be looking super pasty in all photos.

I have no fun stories to share…yet! Check back tomorrow for some FABULOUS news! (I’m not preggers) I know. Sad day.

At least it’s Friday!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


A Wedding Story said...

LOL!! I love that pic too, kinda miss him that little man!! Will NOT miss the man in office!!!

Katie's Journey said...

I love that picture too! At Christmas time, one of the houses that was decorated had a big sign of that among their decorations!

d.a.r. said...

Bahaha I love it!