Friday, May 14, 2010

The Mega B*tch

Has anybody seen Drop Dead Fred?? Please tell me you have. Pretty, pretty please!! This was still is my favorite movie and I find it absolutely hilarious!! I forced allowed my husband to watch it with me. Big mistake. Huge mistake. He did not laugh. At all. Not once. Royally pissed me off. Like we almost broke up because he refused to laugh at my insanely hilarious favorite movie. Anyways….I told you all this BS just because it ties in the title of my post. Aren’t you happy you stopped by?!? 

So in the movie Fred so kindly refers to Lizzie’s mother as “the mega bitch.” This post is dedicated to my mommy, the mega bitch. Yes peeps I get my bitch honest. I love my mother! She is the most hilarious person ever. And we work together. So she gets to see my lovely face every. single. day. Well except weekends. :) Lets meet her, shall we?


Pretty cute, huh?? No not me silly! The mom!

So now that you’ve been formally introduced I can tell you that my mother’s ability to be hilarious is only intensified by a bad mood. When she’s pissed she’s the funniest person ever! Sure she’s a mega bitch, but she’s my mom and I love some feistiness. She’s my partner in crime and sure I hated her when I was 16 17 18 but now we are the bestest of friends!

This post serves as my late Mother’s Day shout out to my mom. (even though she NEVER reads my blog) I know she’s super busy trying to keep up with my brother and sisters but I mean seriously….they’re all dogs. WEN!! From now on take time to read the blog. Better yet, become a follower! I love you!!


I have some pictures to share this weekend from a tipsy drunken photo shoot I had with my brother and sisters. Have a good weekend and Happy Friday!!


Jeremy said...

look!!! I made your sweater stripey!!!

Susannah said...

oh.em.gee-I totally forgot about that movie!! That was the best!