Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Made It!

As previously mentioned, our 1 year wedding anniversary was this past Sunday. I’m so excited to have reached this milestone as we may know of a few couples who unfortunately did not. We did not go on our {romantic} camping adventure. Darn!

So….I think it was on Thursday that the hubs asked me if I got him anything for the big day…

Hubs: My beautiful bride Hey you, did you buy me anything?!

Brit: Umm…so I thought we weren’t doing gifts?

Hubs: Well I got you something….awkward silence….

Brit: That’s so sweet. Well I was planning on picking up something for you today actually.

Hubs: Well did you at least get me a card??

Brit: Well I thought about it.

Hubs: You’re a b*tch.

Yeah so that’s how that went.

Sunday rolls around and me and the bestie are about to head off to a friend’s baby shower when Hubs hands me this beautifully wrapped gift. “I want you to wear this.” Awesome!! He got me a Chamilia bracelet with a bride and groom charm. Cue oohhs, ahhs, awws, etc. He’s amazing. I follow up with, “Well honey I will give you your present at dinner.”

I meet up with Courtney and inform her of the dilemma. What the flip am I going to get my husband on a Sunday (in a town where everything is shut down on Sundays). In all our brilliance I decide on a, you guessed it. Well you probably didn’t. Drum roll…..

nose hair trimmer

A nose hair trimmer!! Okay but the one I bought was not a finger because that’s just weird. The Hubs does not have disgusting nose hair nor does he have weird curly long ear hair, he just requested one a while back. I also picked up a new electric razor and some Reese’s pieces (that I hid after he opened his present. I am now eating them for lunch). I picked up a rather humorous card as well.

The Hubs cooked me an amazing dinner and we exchanged cards. His was so sweet and he had written a little love note inside that brought tears to my eyes. Dude, what’s the deal?? How was I supposed to know he was gonna go all super best-husband-ever on me?? I had no clue. I felt like a major ass. Last minute gift. Really funny card. And he goes all romantical on me.

We ate part of the top tier of our wedding cake because we couldn’t break the tradition (who came up with that anyway??) and Bert informed me that we would probably have massive diarrhea since the cake was a year old. You’re welcome for sharing. By the way, that never happened.

Here are some pictures of our wedding day.


Look how ridiculously happy we are. Did you throw up in your mouth a little? I did.


Me and my daddy!!


{I do believe this is my breakin’-it-down face} I may have had a {little} too much to drink and I more than likely made a complete fool of myself!


This is how my husband acts. all. the. time.

If you made it to the end of this post then I love you!!

Have a great week girlies!


d.a.r. said...

HAha this is so something that would happen to us--my hubby would go all romantical on me and I would buy him something funny/practical. Ooops.

Happy anniversary, your wedding pics are lovely!

Kat said...

Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe someone actually created a nose trimmer that looks like a finger- very impressive- maybe I'll get that for my husband on our year anniversary!

Susannah said...

Haha! Too cute! Congrats!!!

littledaisymay said...

Haha! I love it! Your wedding pictures are too cute :) Happy anniversary!

Courtney said...

LOVED the gift! Congratulations on making it to one year!!

A Wedding Story said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!!!