Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Learned at the DMV

- Everyone that works at the Tag and License office despises their job. But I really can’t blame them. Paying taxes pisses people off – so most of their customers are in a bad mood.


- Pregnancy is a handicap – the man in front of me was applying for a handicap sticker because his girlfriend was pregnant. I’m pissed no one offered me a handicap tag. If pregnancy is a handicap can it also be a disability?? I wouldn’t mind sitting on my a** all day drawing a check. :) – I’m totally kidding – I don’t mind working – I’m just a lazy pissed off pregnant lady.

- Apparently I am having a boy.  A man in line behind me said in the best southern – slightly redneck – voice possible:

SSRM ( southern slightly redneck man): “Excuse me ma’am? Do you know what you’re having?” 

Me: thinking – what the hell is he talking about? Oh yeah I’m knocked up! “Umm no I haven’t found out yet.”

SSRM: “Well just wanted to let you know I’m pretty sure you’re having a boy.”

Me: “My husband really wants a boy so maybe you’re right.”

This man was super nice. It was kinda weird (hardest word to spell ever!) since I haven’t had a stranger ask me about my pregnancy until today. It caught me off guard but if you’re wondering how he predicted the pregnancy let me explain.

His father was the master at pregnancy prediction. Something to do with the moon. Not real sure how the moon affected this but anyway – he went on to ask my due date and informed me if I could hold out 6 days longer I could have the baby on his birthday! Awesome new stranger baby predictor friend!

Happy Monday! Check back for a bump date post!


littledaisymay said...

hahaha! How funny if SSRM is right :)

Leigh said...

Haha that man you met in line sure sounds the nicest way possible!

Ps- was the guy actually able to get a disabled sticker for his pregnant girlfriend?!

Jenny said...

Was that guy seriously getting a handicap sticker because his gf was pregnant?

I work for a Disability Lawyer and you wouldn't believe they number of calls we get from pregnant girls wanting to get on Disability because of being pregnant!

That guy you met sounds weird! And I agree that is the hardest word to spell!!!

How about that game Saturday? I LOVED it!

Roll Tide! & Have a great week!

Kristi said...

HAHA I love this :) did you ask about getting yourself a sticker?!

LG said...

Oh just get prepared! Strangers love to talk to you about pregnancy

Mrs. S said...

haha I would be annoyed with people talkin to me about being prego lol

Jordan said...

What a funny stranger! I imagine that must be so strange for people you don't know to feel like they can ask about something growing inside YOU! I'd think that would take some getting used to.. at least he was nice, though! :)

smile steady said...

Hahaha... it DOES have a penis! (I'm crossing my fingers that this guy is right- that's too weird).