Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was 19 weeks on Saturday. One more week and I’ll be half way there!


I switched sides to see if I looked less awkward. As you can see, I still look ridiculous! I’m gonna start posing with a cat or dog. Or something!

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Total Weight Gained: Let’s just recap. I don’t weigh at home. Mainly because Bert really wants me to gain 200 lbs and I don’t feel like arguing with him over the accuracy of our scale. According to the doctor’s office I’ve gained 2 lbs total. (as of last month)

Maternity Clothes: Some stuff I can still wear. But maternity clothes are much more comfortable. 

Sleep: I feel like I never get enough sleep!

Best Moment of the Week: Were there any good moments? Not sure.

Food Cravings: Salads. Poppy seed dressing. Caramel apples. But only because I saw them on Lisa’s blog! 

Food Aversions: Eggs.

Symptoms: I’m pretty sure this baby is trying to kill me. Well maybe I shouldn’t be that dramatic but I’m pretty sure Baby D is growing inside my vagina. You’re welcome! – I find myself saying “ow” and holding myself a lot. It’s quite unpleasant.

I’m also very clumsy. I drop everything I pick up. Hopefully this is gone when the baby gets here. So basically don’t let me hold your kid. :)

Movement: I’m pretty sure I felt the baby move. Even though Bert says I didn’t. But what the hell does he know? 

Gender: One week and we’ll know for sure. I’m curious to see if Random guy at the DMV was right! Cast your votes for boy/girl so we can see what everyone thinks!

What I miss: I’m still stuck on wine. I can’t help it. Just call me a wino. I’m pretty sure after I have the baby I’m not gonna want wine anymore. I’ll be pissed.

What I'm looking forward to: Gender ultrasound in 7 days!

Weekly Wisdom: People tell you that your pregnancy flies by. Tell those people to call me. Or better yet, just ask me. This is taking for flipping ever. – Does that count as wisdom??

Milestones: Just to warn you….this is TMI. Like excessive TMI. So if you still want to be my friend please don’t read this part. k thanks.

It’s a milestone if I can go to the bathroom! Like break out the champagne kinda milestone.

I told you not to read that part! Will you still be my friend?!?




Jamie said...

You look great! Can't wait to find out what you're having :)

Mrs. Werginz said...

Can't wait to know the sex...I will be shipping it a prize when we know!! I am still your friend..I would drink non-alcoholic champagne with you to celebrate if we must! haha I'm taking pre-natals and it is doing the same thing!

River said...

I'm a sucker for baby belly. Awww my eyes are tearing up and I just found your blog a couple of minutes ago :) You look wonderful
xo ♥

Jenny said...

You look great!

Your posts crack me up! =)

I still think you are having a boy!

Jeska said...

aww very cute :) you don't look awkward ;)

Leigh said...

You definitely don't look awkward at all! You silly girl :)

Ps- I voted that it will be a boy. Not really sure why, but I just picture you with a boy

Danielle said...

i definitely do not miss not being able to use the potty! you look great!

Mrs. S said...

you look great lady!
I'm thinkin BOY!

Susannah said...

you look precious! I think it is a boy too! As for the potty, try eating and apple and drinking milk of magnesia. I hated that lack of shitting, and i am pretty sure you can take a stool softener to get things moving. it sucks. i'm sorry!

Jenni said...

Oh GIRL, this made me laugh on multiple occasions! Esp the part about the baby growing you-know-where!! LOL! Can't wait to find out the gender of your little one!! How exciting! :)

Kim said...

You look as beautiful as ever! And you are completely right... pregnancy seems to last FOREVER! Love you

Lil' Woman said...

You don't look awkward but it would be funny if you posed with a cat.

Chrissi said...

this post made me giggle...you look great!!! look forward to finding out what you're having :)