Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I Think About in the Shower….


What was that noise?!

“Dayne??” “Maggie?!!” “DAYNE!!! MAGGIE!!!”

Oh my god I’m gonna die!!!

Do I hear someone??

I think I watch too much Criminal Minds…..

Maybe if I get stabbed I can play dead and I’ll survive.

Where’s my cell phone?!

Why is my stomach so hairy??

My poor boobs….

Did I hear a robber?!?!

OMG I have to get out!!

I’m scared to get out….should I get out?

I wonder if April on Grey’s was right? If I tell the killer about myself he won’t kill me…..

And that my friends is what crosses my mind every time I shower at night when my husband is at work. He works nights and I have to shower alone in the house and I fear I will die every single time. I blame Criminal Minds. And we have an alarm so you don’t need to pity me. Also, my dad lives across the street. I’m a wuss. What can I say??


Jenny said...

I am the same way!!!! LOL!

Mrs. Werginz said...

Bahaha! That is hilarious! I think that anytime I shower in the house alone too! Karl has told me to stop watching Investigation Discovery and the First 48 and all those real life murder shows. I can't help it...they are addicting. I think the pretend to be dead too...I never understand why they don't do that...quit trying to fight a wuss and they will leave you for dead!

This weekend would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday...the radio announced it this morning and I think we should both post naked John Lennon photo in memory!! haha

Can't wait to hear how the removal goes today!

Amanda Faye said...

You are not alone...I do the same thing and have actually freaked myself out so much that i refuse to shower at night if no one is home seriously lol....I too watch WAYYY to much criminal minds and forensic files

Jenni said...

Oh GIRL, this made me laugh!!! Just found ya, and glad I did! :)

I'm paranoid when home alone, too. And you have no idea how ridiculous that is because my house is pretty much an impenetrable FORTRESS with a crazy alarm system, deadbolts everywhere, my husband's hunting rifles and just-for-fun-guns, OH, and TWO pit bulls!! LOL!!!

Looking forward to following you! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Lol..I think that too when I'm in the shower. I'm always worried if I get out tho, he;ll more easily get me but then on the other habd I'm still wet and slippy so maybe I can slip out of his death grip and run to safety naked. :)

marykathryn said...

Oh Brittany. We are two peas in a pod. Except that now, I run to each of my children's rooms to make sure no one stole them while I was showering. I've been known to take a fraptastically-fast shower and RUN to check beds/cribs....

I had to lay off the CSI/48 hours Mystery/Dateline/and scary movies in general

LG said...

That is pretty much my same shower talk when E worked nights! I was TERRIFIED! ha So glad those days are over.

Hilary Lane said...

Haha, I'm the same way about walking the dog after dark. I leave the front door open (screen door shut) so that I can clearly see the light from the kitchen as I walk away from the house. All I can think about is someone walking up in the house while I'm down the street, but it makes me feel safer if I can see the front door & the light coming out of it. Strange, I know, but I am definitely just as paranoid as you are! :-)