Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Doctor’s Appt and Rando Questions

Yesterday’s appointment was very uneventful. I did not have a list prepared – you know like last time. I always think of like 700 things that are wrong with me after I leave. It’s unfortunate for me, but very fortunate for the doctor. I’d hate for him to know how crazy I am. :)

We heard Baby D’s heartbeat and it sounded strong – and wonderful. The heart rate was 154. We scheduled our ultrasound for 4 weeks – October 26th – this just so happens to be my birthday so mark your calendars! :)

Now onto some rando questions for my bloggy friends…

Did you have maternity pictures made??? We have been arguing about this. The hubs thinks it’s a waste of money but would also like some redonkulous nude photos made. Like porn style people. But HE wants to be naked – like John Lennon style.


Now I haven’t quite figured out if he’s serious. I’m all for unique pictures and I’m very open-minded. Not sure everyone wants to see naked pictures of my non-pregnant husband. But I want opinions. Should we have some preggo pictures made? Did you? And even if you didn’t have naked pictures made I would value your input.

What are your thoughts on cloth diapering? I get mixed opinions on this and my mother is definitely against it. I really want to try but I’m not sure if I can deal with all that goes with it. I’ve had lots of people tell me to start stock piling diapers but I don’t want to buy a bunch of disposables if I can do cloth.

Those are the only 2 I can recall right now. I hope everyone has an awesome week. I have been super b*tchy lately so lets hope for Bert’s sake that I can let up.

Keep your fingers crossed that the penis wire is removed next Thursday. Potentially only 1 more week listening to him cry about his manhood. :)


Mrs. Werginz said...

I have to admit I was hesitant to click on your post today because that picture of naked John Lennon creeps me out! haha So tell JP I vote NO on the naked photo.

As far preganncy photos, I mean I am not pregant but I am still offering my opinion, I think you should do them. I don't particulary like the ones with the exposed belly but you and JP with your hands on your tummy and cute poses outside would be great. You can always get a good friend to take photos. Just know what poses you want by looking around at other people's preggo pics. You are sure to get a few photos you love and are framable and you will save $$! If you were in ATL I would take them for you!

Cloth diapers...who knows? Sounds scary but everyone says they have come a long way!

Danielle said...

I, 100%, recommend doing maternity pictures! I think it's awesome to take them and be able to look back on this special time. I had them done at 32 weeks (I wouldn't recommend waiting until you're about to pop because a) you'll be really swollen and b) you could go early! I'm 36w now and i'm put on strict bed rest so I am so thankful we did our pics early. Just my thoughts...a lot of hubbies don't like the idea of maternity pictures, but if you want them, you need to get them done!!! =)

d.a.r. said...

My mom is horrified at the thought of me using cloth diapers on my future children--but many of my friends love them!! They have really come a long way. The all-in-ones seem SO easy to use, no folding, stuffing, etc. I am definitely planning on going that route.

As far as maternity pics? I def. intend on it. I am going to try and do mine earlier in my pregnancy, before I start feeling like a total blimp, though! Not sure I would let my husby get nekkid in them though...haha! But hey, family memories!

I'm not pregnant, so take my opinion for what it's worth!

Jenny said...

I think maternity pictures are super cute! Naked pictures... not so much!

My mom said she used cloth diapers with me and she loved it... She said she saved a bunch of money... Which back then was a lot!

I am also not pregnant so idk if my opinions really help!

Have a great week!!!!!!

Leigh said...

I'm not pregnant and don't have any children, so I'm not the most knowledgeable person about this subject. I say yes to the maternity pictures though! I think that they can be so well done and you definitely don't have to be naked for them.

I think cloth diapers are a good idea if you are prepared for them and know what you are getting into. I've heard good things about them and the quality can be great. It all comes down to what you are comfortable with!

Leigh said...

Ps- we have the same birthday! :)

Sarah said...

I did not have any maternity pictures done because of the cost. Now, if I had a friend who could have done it for free or a nice dinner, then heck yes. And heck yes would I bare that belly. A woman's body is so freaking beautiful when a baby is nestled inside and I wish I had had a friend with a nice camera to do that for us.

As far as cloth goes: DO IT! We save SO MUCH MONEY!! Logan is a super heavy wetter so the only time he wears a disposable is at night and when we are out of town. I've been brave enough recently to keep him in cloths while out and about and only once was it a mistake. We use gDiapers and I love them. I don't use the disposable inserts b/c they are just as expensive as disposable diapers so we use the cloth insert with a liner for the poo and it's all good! Hardly a mess, super easy to clean, wash and put away. Once we have some extra money we will invest in some more cloth inserts so that we can double up at night.

Gina said...

I wish I did maternity photos but we didn't have the extra $$$.

And if I was a SAHM, I'd totally do cloth diapers. That is, if I could get my hubby to agree to it.

Amanda Faye said...

Hey Lady, not so sure about the nude pics of your hubbs lol But....Maternity Pics I think are A MUST....They can be funny or sweet or whatever your style is.. You will be happy you did it in the end especially since its your first..

I dont have kids and know nothing about cloth diapers but I was reading and they have A whole bunch of post about cloth diapers and I have never thought about it with my children but it made me want to do it... You should check it out if your thinking about it... XOXO

Jessica said...

DEFINATELY do maternity pics!!! I am SO glad I did - its so neat to be able to look back and see that precious little one in my big 'ole belly! Makes me smile when I look at them. You can look at mine in my album on facebook if you're interested. Adam was in Iraq while I was preggo, so he wasn't able to be in any of of them :( but I still think they turned out well. Hope JP gets the wire out! haha

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::Crystal:: said...

Do the maternity photos! I am not sure how I would feel about naked ones, but I do like the exposed belly ones :)

I am pretty sure I will be cloth diapering when the time comes! I think its becoming more and more of a trend.

And... we have the same birthday :)

LG said...

Great questions!
I didnt have maternity photos taken, except by a friend and I have no regrets. I would recommend having a photo taken every week though just by the hubs because i did print those out for my scrapbook and people really enjoy seeing those to see the weekly changes.
I am doing cloth diapers right now! Not 100% just cloth yet cause I dont have enough but I do like it and it will save approx $2,000-$3,000 per kid and I plan to have many kids, NOt to mention the environmental issue. Its kinda fun and alot easier than I thought.
Older peeps will tell you not to do it, because they have NO IDEA how far cloth diapers have come since their time. They are thinking a rag and some pins.....

Lil' Woman said...

Somehow I see these pictures turning into something that will end up on Awkward Family Potraits.