Thursday, October 14, 2010


First off thanks so much for the prayers and tweets on Monday. They made me feel so much better! I just love all my bloggy friends! :)

Bert’s surgery was successful, for the most part. I was not allowed to take pictures and I quote, “Do NOT take any pictures of me after surgery and post them on your blog!” Oops.

They removed the penis stent! Woo Hoo! And got most of the stones. There was 1 they missed but decided not to go back in so hopefully he will pass it on his own. We did get a picture of the stones. Sorry for the bad quality. (I did NOT take my camera to the hospital.) stones

Bert is feeling much better just really sore. They did not suture the incision so he just basically has this big hole in his back that we have to keep dressed. It’s quite nasty. Hopefully there will be no future posts about penis stents! {fingers are crossed}


I am way past the Bumpdate so I will just hit the high spots. Sorry there's no picture this week.

I’m 18 weeks. I think I felt the baby move last night, even though JP says I didn’t. I mean how does he know?! I don’t weigh at home so I will stick with 2 lbs gained. Still craving the pickled okra – and my grocery store has been out since Friday. This is unacceptable.

I feel like I got really big all of a sudden this week. And I’m not gonna lie…I kinda feel gross. Maybe I’ll get over it soon. Hope everyone has had a great week. Sorry I’ve been so MIA. The whole husband-with-a-hole-in-his-back thing is keeping me occupied. Not to mention the overnight stay in the local hospital. Fun times!! 


Leigh said...

Hope your husband gets better soon! Those stones are way bigger than I thought they would wonder he was in so much pain!!

Mrs. Werginz said...

SHut Up! Those stones are prtty decent sized! Glad they are no longer inside your husband!! This is yolur only week off without a pregnat pic...haha just kidding!! Glad you are brushing up on your nursing skills as you dress his hole!

Jenny said...

Those stones look huge to me!

So happy to hear he is feeling better!

Hope yall have a good rest of the week and weekend!

Mrs. S said...

those stones look big!
glad that is all behind you!

Stephanie said...

Oh my! Those stones look huge! Glad to hear he is okay!

And yay to possibly feeling the baby move. Husbands are clueless ;)

Chrissi said...

HOLY SMOKES! Those look huge! He is a real trooper & I hope he is feeling better soon (I know a sick hubby is no fun at all ;-)!).

April said...

GEEZE! Those stones are HUGE! I had one a while back that was the size of a pin head and I thought I was dying! Your poor hubby! I ended up having to have surgery and a stint as well...that's not fun either! I hope the other one passes on it's own!

Lil' Woman said...

Geez those things pass thru a penis?!? OMG!!!