Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Randomness

Woo Hoo it’s Friday! I hope y’all watched Grey’s last night! I have been waiting all summer for “the shows” to start back!

So I ordered a prenatal yoga dvd and holy mother of pearl I almost died. I need MAJOR yoga help! This is what I imagined…


And this is how I felt…


I’m totally going to stick with it – you know like I always do – because I think it will be helpful for the delivery. I have no previous yoga experience and the next day I thought my butt cheeks were going to fall off. Any tips are greatly appreciated! :)


I was surprised at how many bloggy friends said they would actually come over for dinner….y’all are too sweet. Just to let you know we will be having canned tomatoes and pickled okra!


I really want my baby to have a name. I feel bad calling baby d “it.” I keep thinking of the book A Child Called It and while I can’t really remember the content of the book, I’m pretty sure it didn’t have a happy ending. I will now refer to my tadpole as “baby d.” That’s fitting.


I know this post was completely random but I am practically falling asleep at work and just thought I would share some random thoughts with y’all! Have a good weekend!


Amber said...

I'm totally impressed that you're at least trying to do something productive while being preggo - I'll admit that I've been completely worthless and lazy. I think I rode my bike once (ages ago) and I haven't done anything since! :)

BTW - I hope JP is doing better than right after surgery!

Erin said...

I hope Bert is feeling better and look at you for trying Yoga! I used to love Yoga, now not so much, but maybe once I get preggo my love for it will return!
Hope ya'll have a good weekend

Leigh said...

So excited that Grey's is back on!

Hooe you aren't too sore from the yoga video. Have a great weekend!

Lil' Woman said...

Yeah, Baby D is def. better than 'it'....that book was about EXTREME child abuse. Probably not the foot you want to start out on in parenthood :)

Mrs. Werginz said...

Yay for Baby D!! I like your random post...the pics of yoga were funny! It is pretty hard until you get used to it. I love when they tell you to not grind your toes in the ground and relax and then I look down at my toes and they are all scrunched on the mat! haha