Friday, September 10, 2010

TGIF and a Bloggy Award!

I am so flippin' happy that its Friday! This has been the worst week, and even though I only worked 4 days, I really need a break!

I have a super depressing post to write but I can’t bring myself to write it, yet. I hate depressing posts but anyway, it involves a death in the fam.

I am looking forward to the Alabama game this weekend! The hubs is going and taking one of his friends. I will be watching the game at home with this little guy….


I am keeping him on all home games so his parents can attend. Jackson is John Paul’s godson and we just love him! Plus me and the fur children need a little baby practice. :)



Jenny at Bits & Pieces of my Life tagged me for this bloggy award! Thanks friend! Jenny is a fellow Tide fan and she loves Twilight….it can’t get any better than that! Go check her out! Now. K. Thanks.


Thank the person giving the award.

Share seven things about yourself.

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7 things about me:

I have this really weird spot on my left elbow, I like to call it a crusty patch because it sounds so lovely, and Maggie also has a crusty patch on her left elbow! How weird is that? I lotion hers when I do mine every night. :)

We live and breathe Alabama football.

I am so obsessed with my hands being dirty. I wash them at least 10 times a day and it drives John Paul insane!

I am an only child and I love it. My parents are divorced and both remarried and still it’s just me.

I am so worried about stretch marks. I am constantly rubbing on lotion. Is this even preventable?

My husband is a food Nazi. This is a post all in itself.

I am a self diagnosed (backed by McSteamy) hypochondriac.

I nominate...only 4 because I am super busy at work!



Mrs. Werginz


I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


LG said...

That is one hells of a cute babY ! I bet his momma is proud! Have fun!

Jenny said...

YAY for the weekend! And YAY for ALABAMA football! =)

Sorry about the death in your family!

Hope you have a great weekend as well!

Leigh said...

Your husband's godson is so, so cute! I love how dark his hair is :)

Thanks so much for nominating for the blogger award:)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Lil' Woman said...

He's such a cutie!! :)

misis said...

love the sweet smile of the li'l boy. :)

i share two things with you: i am also obssessed with keeping my hands clean all the time and self-diagnosed hypochondriac too!

will love to read your future entries. i'll follow your blog. :)

April said...

Thanks for the bloggy award! And I'm retarded because I just now saw it! heehee!