Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday’s Drama

Can I please just mention that I LOVE my bloggy friends?! When I get an email that someone commented on my blog I pee in my pants a little! I’ll find myself telling John Paul about my friend so and so and he’s all like….umm…who the hell is that?! And when I say, you know, she blogs! – He looks at me like I’m crazy. But whatever….I’m friends with him today so I won’t say anything ugly about him. :)


Moving on…..we had a very eventful day yesterday to say the least. John Paul is scheduled to have lithotripsy done Tuesday. The boy has ridiculous kidney stones and they’re too big to pass. The doc will go in and bust them up, place a stint in his manhood and send him home for me to deal with. :) I’m totally prepared for this because we did this last November.


Yesterday morning when he got off work he went for some blood work and headed home. I got a text at about 12 saying, “Come get me! I’m dying!”  or something along those lines. I headed home and we headed to the ED. For the duration of the car ride all I heard was random bursts of, “oh. oh. oh.” Dude was feeling some pain. Now I’m hoping he will be able to sympathize with me when I’m in labor but I’m pretty sure he thinks there’s nothing worse than his pain.

Luckily the hubs has worked with most of the nurses out there and one is a really close friend. When we got there we headed straight back – now I know this pisses people off but sometimes it pays to be a nurse when you need to head to the emergency room!

After a couple IV’s of pain meds he started feeling better. We waited to be discharged for 4 hours! WTH?! I was starving. And freaking because they had to move us to bring in a baby who wasn’t breathing. Now we weren’t at the main hospital in town so I was kinda worried about the baby. When they brought him in he was crying so I’m pretty sure he was breathing by then.

We finally got out and got home and I finally ate and all is better now. We just have to make it to Tuesday without another episode. The CT showed 2 stones -  9mm and 11mm – that explains the pain. Stay tuned for my cries of help on Tuesday! The hubs kinda freaks about the stint in his wee-wee!

Happy Friday Friends!!


d.a.r. said...

Oh my gawd, that sounds miserable for both of you!! Good luck!!

Amber said...

I think JP and my husband are long lost brothers! The husband told me once (this was years ago mind you) that he thought I should have natural child birth because he had already done it 15 or so times with his kidney stones. I think something along the lines of "I'm sorry, but have you lost your {bleeping} mind?" was what followed. Thankfully for him, he hasn't mentioned that since I got pregnant. :) Good luck with everything - I'll be thinking about both of you!

Mrs. Werginz said...

Your poor husband! Karl has crazy stones too! Last year he had surgery to try and remove the blockage that causes them and with it removed the kidney just tsill doesn't work like it he will battle them forever! The stint is horrible! Karl said the worst is when they take it out...I missed that ppointment but it makes me cringe to think of it! We will say our prayers for Tuesday!

Oh, I talk about all of y'all too! Karl just listens but I know he is thinking I am crazy!

Becky said...

Wow! good luck to your hubby on Tuesday! (and to your for taking care of him)!! I wouldn't want a stint in my wee-wee either!! Hope all goes well! Keep us posted!

::Crystal:: said...

I've passed a stone before, no pain meds because I didn't realize what was going on until after I passed it. I will be sure to let you know (one day) how it compares to child birth! They did tell me that women have said its as bad as a natural birth or worse... Good Luck next week!

Jenny said...

Bless his heart! I have never had a stone but my dad and sister has them... I also took care of a friend who had them. She had the lithotripsy done to bust hers up and it only worked on the larger one... But I can tell that people go through some pain like nothing else with them... My sis had them with both of her pregnancies. She said it was worse then contractions! And for a man I am sure that sucks since their pain tolerance is ZERO!!!!

Good luck with him and I hope all goes well!

My hubby is the same way when I talk about my blog friends... He is like "you don't really know these people so how can they make you that happy?" They just don't get it!

Happy Friday!


Shell said...

Oh, kidney stones! Good luck putting up with that. My dh was the biggest baby EVER when he had his.

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh that sounds horrible....yuck.

Jennifer B said...

New follower here! I love your Bumpdates and your wedding video made me all teary-eyed