Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is there always pee on the floor?

First off we need to update on John Paul’s lab partner. Yesterday was “the big day” and I had a blast torturing my husband about his choice. I mean in my {adult} opinion it is best to choose a smart partner that you can cheat off of rather than a hottie that you can cheat with. :)

This was our text convo:

Psycho Wife: Did you choose your partner? Is she hot?

Hubs: ……

PW: So send me a pic!

Hubs: WTF? No.

PW: What’s her name so I can stalk her on facebook.

Hubs: Will you please shut up?

PW: You’re rude !

Hubs: ignores me for the next 2 hours

He stopped by my office for the big reveal and his lab partner…..Neil. A dude. I’m still working on the last name so I can fb stalk him!

Anyway….back to peeing on the floor….and please note I am not the one peeing on the floor. I just happened to observe my husband as he went to pee when he woke up last night. Let me show you how he stands while he pees.


He doesn’t even look where he’s peeing. Now all they have to do is point and shoot. And in my opinion the toilet bowl is pretty large. I asked him nicely to please pay attention to where he’s peeing because it is absolutely disgusting to scrub pee off the floor. And this people is why I pray for a daughter. So she can keep me sane. Obviously my husband doesn’t need to potty train a boy!

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!


April said...

HAAAA! Too funny! And peeing on the floor at MY house is insane times 3!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my! I laughed outloud at my desk. I'll have to add that to my list as to why I really want a girl and not a boy!

Susannah said...

Haaaaaaa!! Mine does that too!! WTF???

Mrs. Dew said...

HA! I told my husband that I'm tired of cleaning pee off the toilet and floor and his response "it's not me"...RIGHT...

Gina said...

My hall bathroom always, always, always smells like pee.


Same issue.

Anonymous said...

Lmao I have a husband and 3 boys!!! Yes I said 3!!! Pee is everywhere outside by the back porch smells like pee all around the toilet there's pee. I'm drowning in pee. I go through a lot of bleach and candles