Monday, August 16, 2010

One Sick Puppy

Literally.  :(

My pretty pretty princess Maggie is super sick. It all started with vagina issues – seriously. Apparently she needs a vagina lift, but that’s been put on hold. I mean if the Hubs won’t let me have any more plastic surgery I don’t see where the dog can get a vagina lift.

Anyvagina, Mags never got to feeling better and we took her back in for some blood work and urinalysis. Her thyroid levels were low, liver enzymes were high, and her cholesterol was 432.

Last week we started her on a medication for her liver and an antibiotic and prayed that she would feel better soon. Well she hasn’t eaten since Wednesday so it was back to the doctor today for a barium swallow. Apparently Mags has eaten some foreign object and has a bowel obstruction of some sort.

She has to stay at the vet tonight and I must admit I am having a slight panic attack. I hate for my babies to be sick and I know she’s scared and sleeping in a cage will not make her feel better. Tomorrow is exploratory surgery to see just what might be lodged in there and to hopefully remove it.

If the surgery shows nothing then it’s off to Mississippi State for more tests. I’m trying not to be upset but I know all my fellow doggie moms can relate! It’s hard to have a sick puppy.

So send up some prayers for my baby girl!



Jordan said...

Oh goodness! That's so hard- my dog, Cayne had something similar happen last year. Turned out that whatever he ate caused some kind of infection and after a huge vet bill and some kind of miracle fluids (I like to think that since they were so expensive) and he was back to himself in a few days. It was so scary, though! I'll be thinkin' of you and hoping the pup feels better soon!

Mrs. Werginz said...

I'm so sorry! I hope they find the object and all is resolved. Not only is it sad for your pup but its not fun for your wallet either!

Mrs. S said...

Hope that your baby feels better soon!

Sarah said...

Aww poor pup! We just went through something similar with our greyhound (no vagina lift needed-he's all boy). He got a major bacterial infection and spent a day and a half in the hospital. I just pray you have some savings because that's the only way we could afford to heal our little man! It was tough but well worth it and now he's all better.

* Tyly * said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!! As a pet mommy, I totally understand. Heck, I cried when I had to drop them off to get spayed/neutered, so I can't imagine what you're going through! I'm so sorry, and many prayers for your baby girl!!

{ps - thanks for tagging me on the award. i haven't forgotten, i've just been crazy busy! i do appreciate it, and i'll get to it! :) }

Anonymous said...

Hope your doggie gets better soon! My dog had to have surgery in Jackson, MS and the vet didn't do the procedure correctly, so I had to send my dog to MS State to have the same surgery done again & I couldn't have been more please! At MS State there is always someone there with the dogs even thru the night. I knew he had been well taken care of because when I was able to get him a week later, the vet students knew his personality so well! I hope your dog doesn't have to go but know that if he does he will be well taken care of at MS State! Oh, and since I had to pay for the same surgery twice, MS State was much cheaper than the vet bill from the local vet.

Lil' Woman said...

Mia sends big hugs and doggy kisses....I hope she's ok, we'll be thiking about here.