Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who invented Words with Friends?!?!

I need to know so I can add them to my hit list. Seriously. I don’t have a fancy phone – I’m still loving my blackberry. However, the Hubs has some fancy computer phone that does everything but the dishes.


Unfortunately John Paul has this app on his phone. (actually it’s Word Feud, my bad)  If you aren’t familiar it’s like Scrabble. You play a word then your “friend” plays a word.

Conveniently, every time it’s your turn your phone will so kindly let you know. What I need to know is why the hell these people are up at 3am playing this game.

The next time I am awakened by “bing-bong” and a pleasant little message that says “It’s your turn!!” I’m going to take the phone and throw it in the toilet.

Now if that’s not bad enough, we cannot do anything together without breaks for John Paul to play his word. It causes me to say not nice things about the unknown person he’s playing against. And these games….they last for days. Days people. And when it’s over, do not fear, it prompts you to start a new game! Yay!

Maybe I’m just jealous because I don’t have an awesome phone. Or maybe I’m just pissed because I’m busy growing a human and he’s trying to come up with an awesome word to show his opponent who’s boss.


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Happy Tuesday! I’m off to the doctor in the morning and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I whip out the mile long list of every reason why this pregnancy is going to kill me.

Stay tuned!


Amber said...

You crack me up! When I first got my iPhone I was totally addicted to Words With Friends for about a month and now I can't remember the last time I played...hopefully the newness of the game will wear off for him as well (for your sake). If not, just have a breakdown and blame it on that game - he'll probably stop then. :)

::Crystal:: said...

I just started following your blog! Love you honesty and sense of humor!

I don't get words with friends... even though I have a phone I could play it on, I haven't quite caught on to it yet! (I don't think I am missing much either!)

Stephanie said...

Your blog cracks me up! And I for sure cannot wait to hear the story about the doctor and your mile long list!

Susannah said...

As usual, you are hilarious! I love words with friends (for iPhone) but it does get tiring always trying to "play" your word!!

BRIT said...


Erin said...

I could read your posts all day long - you are so funny!! :)