Monday, January 24, 2011

To Save a Life

Okay….first off sorry for the overly dramatic post title. I’m fresh outta ideas today!

I started my morning off by getting up early (read: on time) with every intention of making it to work early (also read: on time) because I had a doctor’s appointment and a lunch function today and I wanted to at least pretend like I was doing some work. I actually left with enough time to make it to work right on time so of course there was a distraction.

I’m not sure how many of you actually know this but I am known at times to be a crazy animal activist and I may or may not try to get every stray animal I see on the streets. I might also let you know what I think of your dog/cat/bird/reptile, etc. parenting skills. I mean some people are just not meant to parent!


*this may be me in a few years

Anydog, I was driving to work when I see this dog in the middle of the road. All the other drivers were stopping and swerving around the dog. I hope you don’t expect me to say that I did the same.

I immediately pulled off to the side of the road and called the dog who came running. Thank god! This was obviously someone’s dog because he was wearing 2 collars but neither had a tag. I called the hubs. *This was a big mistake. HUGE! He yelled at me for pulling off the road to save some random dog. Umm…..hello? Not sure how long we’ve known each other but this is not a rare occasion. Maybe he thought since I was 28 months pregnant I would stop doing this?

I tried and tried to get the dog, a super sweet pitbull by the way, to get into my car. No clue what I would have done with the dog had he gotten in my car. I was tempted to take him to the vet and have him neutered since he obviously was not. Bert told me to stop being stupid and drive away. He also refused to come and help me load up someone else’s dog. WTH?

Well I tried to drive off and the dog ran after my car. I panicked – shocker – and pulled back off the road. He still refused to get in my car so I just sat there and watched him. He ran down in to a neighborhood and I left. I called my mom who immediately assured me that he went home - (She’s super psycho dog woman like me) -  and I felt a little better.

I’m sad that I couldn’t save the dog but I’m hopeful that he went home and his lovely owners will keep a better eye on him. I’d hate to have to track them down and tell them how to properly care for their dog! 

Please tell me you do this too! Someone. Anyone?!


Jenny said...

2 dogs got dropped off at my house 2 weeks ago... The day before we were going to get our new puppy... I called the hubby and asked could we keep them too but he said no! I didn't listen and I fed them... I had to run to town to get a few things and they were gone when I got back... The hubby told me that night that maybe their owners came and got them... Hopefully they did! They were cute little doggies!

Jenny said...

I forgot to ask did you make it to work on time since you stopped?

Ally said...

Me and my fam are the SAME way! My mom, sis and I were just tracking down 2 poor, sweet and TINY long haired chihuahuas yesterday frolicking around our neighborhood together! but they wouldnt come to us either they were so frightened. my sis is determined to catch them and take them in though! we are TOTAL dog lovers. people make me SO ill and in such a rage over the way they treat animals!

Jenna said...

Hey, I'm a new follower through Mrs. Werginz...My husband is dog-crazy (ok, he's rubbed off on me too). Once, we saw a stray crossing the road near our neighborhood. We quickly drove to our house to get a leash and then turned right around to go look for it in the parking lot where we assumed it had made it's way into. When we got dog. Hopefully he made it home just like the pitbull in your story! :)

Susannah said...

Oh Britt, I am the same way and will do the same thing! And my husband would yell and be pissed too! Good call, and he is probably home now! Sweet puppy!!

Miss I said...

Last winter I called the cops (we don't have animal control in our town) because our neighbors left their dog out all day and it was like 10pm and they still weren't home. The high that day was like 15 degrees and it was supposed to be in the negatives that night. So anyways my boyfriend thought I was a nutter for calling BUT the cops showed up and discovered that the neighbors were growing a lovely weed garden. ANYWAY...I saved a pup and broke up the neighborhood growth operation, yay!