Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby Shower Registry

Okay people it’s very clear that I have no flippin’ clue what TM’s gonna need once she gets here. Other than a crib to sleep in and a boob to {hopefully} feed from, I’m lost!
Bert and I headed out to Tar-jay last night to register for my upcoming showers. We left the house with good intentions and the promise to not argue once we stepped inside the store.
John Paul’s biggest concern was that everything I wanted was pink. {Let me take a moment to say that the baby section was seriously lacking at our Tar-jay. I feel like we didn’t register for anything we need.} I just can’t resist all the cute pink stuff in the store!
We argued over types of bottles, pacis, clothes, toys, what color sheets to register for, the type of diapers to use…I should have been better prepared!
This is where you come in my lovely bloggy friends! Tell me what I need – the things I can’t live without.
I plan to go back and add to the list in a week or so!
Happy Friday!! 


Stephanie said...

Not that I have any kids yet...but one thing I've been told is to not register for too many of one type of bottle. You never know what type your baby will "like" and some people then get stuck with a bunch of bottles that their child hates!

My other suggestion -- find a friend's registry who just had a kid and copy it!

mary kathryn said...

I can tell you straight up what you'll use and what you won't. I could type it all out, but it'd be a book. Hey...maybe I SHOULD write a book on the subject. Anywhoo- call me if you're interested.

Danielle said...

this is what i have and use it EVERY DAY:

sleep sheep
twilight turtle (i have the lady bug one)
i would only register for 1 or 2 pacifiers if you want to try and use them. Rylee won't take any pacifiers!!
bassinet (if you plan on the baby sleeping in your room and don't want to co sleep)
LOTS of blankets
burp rags!
lots of socks!
bottle drying rack
since i breast feed i only registered for 1 pack of bottles (5 pack)

i think that's about it.. i mean of course you need other stuff, but i think those are my top picks.

Jessica said...

Things we couldn't live without:
wipe warmer
sleep sack
bouncer/vibrating seat
swing (we got a lamb looking swing and vibrating seat from Target and MC LOVED them)
PACK-N-PLAY (A MUST!!!!!!) MC slept in that in our room - would NOT sleep in a bassinet... I feel they are a big waste of money, esp.if they wont even sleep in them
Baby bottle sanitizing bags (they go in the microwave and you can get them at Target)
Will also second the suggestion about not registering for one kind of bottle or paci - you never know what you're kid will like
And the number one item of all time - a video monitor!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough!!!!! We got ours from Target too I believe - Summer infant brand.
I could also write a book - facebook me if you want any other suggestions!!

Mrs. Werginz said...

I don't have any advice! But I remember my sisters said they were at Babies-R-Us forever! They also say don't buy too many of one type of bottle because the baby may not like that kind and sometimes you have to try a few to see what works best! How fun?! It's already registry time! I can't wait til it's up so I can stlak..mmhhmm check it and mail TM another prize!!

LG said...

Here is my advice!
- A swing
- breast pump
- extra pump supplies /bottles/shields/milk bags
- nipple shields
- medela lanolin cream
- diapers
- bath products
- bath seat
- baby spoons
- nursing cover
- columbia diaper bag
- boppy newborn lounger
- gym mat
- exersaucer
car seat

people love to give clothes so you will get plenty of those. return anything you dont want for store credit before that baby comes! you will be too busy afterward!

and buy atleast 2 of anything you can wash like changing table covers, nursing tanks/bras etc because you will always need a clean extra