Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maggie May

Princess Maggie has injured herself yet again. She seems to be very accident prone and has spent many a night at the vet. She was playing outside with her daddy the other night. He let her in and I noticed blood all over the floor. I freaked out – of course – and opened the door to go get John Paul and she ran back out.

Thank god Bert’s cousin was here, she worked for a vet for a while, and they took control. I was a hot mess and it’s very likely we would have made a trip to the emergency vet had Jenn not been there! I may have called 911! Mags cut her back left foot on something, probably a piece of glass. and Bert said he could see tendon. They bandaged her foot and we headed to bed. (I slept at the foot of the bed so Maggie could sleep by her daddy – we have to sacrifice for our babies, right?!)

Mags went to the vet the next morning and we waited for the doc to call. She tore her flexor tendon so it was off to surgery to try and repair the tendon. A few hours later the doc called and said her tendon was shredded and they were unable to repair it. They stitched up the cut and we would have to wait and see how her leg would heal.

I was super sad and completely worried that she would not be able to run again. Berty picked her up from the vet and now it’s a waiting game. Her cut will heal and we will see how she can maneuver without her flexor tendon. I am super dramatic and I cried when she came home walking on 3 legs. :(

IMAG0123 IMAG0122

*she had to cuddle up with daddy after surgery

So if you’re a vet, your husband’s a vet, you slept with a vet, or you googled it, I would love any info on what to expect as her leg heals. I hate waiting! I think she will be fine but I wonder if she’ll always limp or run weird. Who knows!


{N} Jones said...

Oh this makes me so sad! Poor baby! I hope she heals ok. I totally understand how you feel - anytime my doggie has something (even the smallest thing) wrong with him, I cry!

Mrs. Werginz said...

oh no! I hope it heals quickly!

Jessica said...

Sooo sad :( Have two best friends and a cousin who are vets so I will ask around. Hope she recovers quickly!!

Justin and Marcie said...

Such a sad post...I kina feel bad for laughing when you said "slept with a vet". I'll be praying for your pup. Our dogs are certainly our children too. Mine's a german sheppard and she sleeps in the bed with us because she's just that spoiled. I can't imagine if this had happened to her.

Susannah said...

Bless that baby! That is some serious shizzz! I would've been like, "Oh, she'll be fine." And then she would bleed out. Yikes. I think she will be okay!!

Jeska said...

Aww poor baby :( :( Hope she's all better soon. I would have been crazy.

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irene said...

Oh shame ahh Maggie, we hope you get well soon keeping you in our prayers. I know how you feel when you see your baby in pain. And you not being dramatic, thats what people do when someone they love gets hurt.Maggie is such a cutie!!

Erin said...

"Slept with a vet" LOL - Love it!!
I hope your baby is okay. I would have freaked!! Keep us posted

Matt and Vanessa said...

Oh No! so sorry to hear about Maggie. I hope she will feel better once the cut is healed!!