Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Ramblings

It took all the strength I could muster NOT to eat a bowl of Caramel Praline ice cream for breakfast this morning

I am more stressed after watching the Bachelor than I am after dealing with MY real life situations. I feel like I am witnessing Jake ruining his life and he has no clue! WTH?

I {told} my daddy to politely tell my husband that I really need and really deserve a new (well new to me) car. He didn’t follow through! Maybe he likes the hubs more than me?? Or maybe he’d rather not get involved? I’m just the kind of person that wants something yesterday. No {patiently} waiting and contemplating around my house! Not. At. All.

The hubs got a new ridiculously large tv. 55” tv to be exact. It wouldn’t fit in the back of my car.


It was insane. The new 55” tv has made his new home in my bedroom. Along with his brother the XBOX. It’s great. I love falling asleep to the sound of Russians dying as my husband murders people while playing Call of Duty. Granted the tv found his home in our bedroom after a failed attempt to be placed in our den. I will admit that I am slightly spoiled by the larger than life picture and have yet to stay out of bed past 8 every night since the purchase….

I think that the neighborhood squirrel murderers must read my blog. I have seen a decrease in the number of murdered squirrels. Or maybe the squirrels are in hiding since we are experiencing an arctic winter here in Alabama??

I have seen snow flakes at least 5 times this year. I. Am. Over. It. Go away snow. Bring on spring followed by my best friend SUMMER! If I see one more snow {flurry} I am packing up my fam and moving to the beach. End of story.

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Chloe said...

I'm jealous of your TV. I've been bugging my husband to buy a new one!

I am so over the snow too. I wish it's summer already!