Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh how I miss you….

So…I’m like a week into this no meat for Lent dealio that I made and well it’s hard!! I’m a super weird food eater. I mean I eat completely rando healthy stuff all the time. (Unfortunately I like to balance all that healthy rando food with cartons of ice cream and boxes of cookies or an entire pan of turtle brownies!) Anywho, I decided that giving up meat would be a sacrifice but not so hard that I couldn’t stick to it.

Now I’m craving steaks and Mexican chicken fingers like I’m pregnant or something! Yeah I know that would be super amazingly awesome but you know we are waiting till a more convenient time in our lives to procreate. I know. Sad day. 

Unfortunately I was tricked into eating some sausage on Sunday morning. Well not exactly tricked but in my sleepy haze I forgot that the breakfast casserole so kindly delivered to my front door by my step dad contained sausage. After the Hubs and I consumed the entire plate it hit me! SINNER!! I can’t even keep up my Lent sacrifice. Sad day. So I think God decided to let that one slide and I’m back on board. Woo Hoo!!!

Now I have this strange craving for Slim Jims! I mean is that considered a meat? I’m going to have to do some Google research on this one.

It’s hard to cook dinner for myself and the Hubs, who so kindly decided I was on my own on the whole Vegan Lent deal. How many days till Easter?? Until then, I will put on my big girl panties and deal with it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Lent has begun. I’m a little behind and I haven’t exactly decided what I am going to sacrifice for Lent this year. I think this might be the first year I have actually taken the time to think about it. Last year I was in the midst of planning our wedding and unfortunately I didn’t give it any thought.

This year we are doing a Lent devotional and I am excited about that. I think it’s important to spend these 40 days reflecting on the sacrifice Christ made for us.

I am hoping to give up red meat and poultry for Lent but I need to discuss this with the Hubs. I’m sure he won’t be too excited about this idea but I think it will be good for us to give up the same thing to keep each other motivated and on track. We are going to try to do the devotional together as well. With Bert working 7 nights in a row it makes it hard but we will manage. Happy Lent to those of you who participate! And if you don’t well happy Lent to you too!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Ramblings

It took all the strength I could muster NOT to eat a bowl of Caramel Praline ice cream for breakfast this morning

I am more stressed after watching the Bachelor than I am after dealing with MY real life situations. I feel like I am witnessing Jake ruining his life and he has no clue! WTH?

I {told} my daddy to politely tell my husband that I really need and really deserve a new (well new to me) car. He didn’t follow through! Maybe he likes the hubs more than me?? Or maybe he’d rather not get involved? I’m just the kind of person that wants something yesterday. No {patiently} waiting and contemplating around my house! Not. At. All.

The hubs got a new ridiculously large tv. 55” tv to be exact. It wouldn’t fit in the back of my car.


It was insane. The new 55” tv has made his new home in my bedroom. Along with his brother the XBOX. It’s great. I love falling asleep to the sound of Russians dying as my husband murders people while playing Call of Duty. Granted the tv found his home in our bedroom after a failed attempt to be placed in our den. I will admit that I am slightly spoiled by the larger than life picture and have yet to stay out of bed past 8 every night since the purchase….

I think that the neighborhood squirrel murderers must read my blog. I have seen a decrease in the number of murdered squirrels. Or maybe the squirrels are in hiding since we are experiencing an arctic winter here in Alabama??

I have seen snow flakes at least 5 times this year. I. Am. Over. It. Go away snow. Bring on spring followed by my best friend SUMMER! If I see one more snow {flurry} I am packing up my fam and moving to the beach. End of story.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Well at least that’s what I hope for for two of my dear friends. Bert and I will be celebrating {2} weddings this summer, (as well as {2} new babies (not OUR babies of course)). I have been involved in a lot of wedding dress shopping this past week.

TBMommy is getting married May 8th and we met at David’s Bridal last night to try on a few dresses. We had a lot of fun. TB was hilarious as usual and kept me entertained the entire time! You can read about the wedding dress adventures from TBMommy here.

Courtney and Chris are getting married in August and we went Saturday to Lady in Lace to try on dresses. The Hubs was dropping me off since we were car sharing that day….but fortunately he stayed to give his much appreciated opinion to Courter. It was quite hilarious. I like to remind people that he was functioning on maybe an hour of sleep. {Keep that in mind}

I would love to post a picture of the dress that made Courtney look like the most beautiful bride but I can’t spoil the surprise!! She tried on her top two dresses and strolled out for opinions. John Paul {kindly} told her that he loved her top pick and most importantly she did not “look like a whore.” Because that is the most important element of wedding dress shopping.

Here’s a look at the bridesmaid dresses we will be wearing. I am in love with these dresses and I wish they had this style last April. Sad day. But happy day that {I} get to wear this dress in the bestie’s wedding!

bmaid dress

{I’m hoping when I put the dress back on I transform into this lovely girl, minus the flower-dy bed}

So while Court and I were in the dressing room, Wen (my lovely mother) busted out the magazine with Lady in Lace’s ad feature yours truly in my wedding dress. The girls that worked there could not believe that that was me. I know!! I was crying slightly offended! My {lovely} husband quickly informed them that he knows the picture doesn’t look like me in real life, it must be photo shopped!! Awesome!! Thanks hubs! (side note: in all fairness to my lovely husband, I was not wearing a lot of makeup nor was I wearing an amazing wedding dress, and I haven’t been on any diets lately.)

Fun times were had by all! Court’s sister Kendall might be my new favorite friend! She is absolutely hilarious and all grown up now! Sad day :(

I can’t wait for these two lovely ladies to experience all the {wonderful} happily-ever-after awesomeness of wedded bliss!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel….

Best weekend {EVER}. Ever. Our bestest friends in the entire world got engaged! Courtney and Chris are ahem {finally} engaged!! Yay!! Courtney and I have been patiently waiting on this day for about 2 years now, and it finally happened yesterday!!

I cannot wait to throw parties and showers and help my bestie plan the wedding of her dreams! It is going to be so amazing!! We had so much fun at my wedding festivities and she was by my side the entire time and I can’t wait to return the favor.

All of us at our wedding.


Court and Peep…aren’t they smoking hot?!!


Me and the maid of honor at the rehearsal dinner.


Court and Peep with Mamaw.


Peep, mamaw is proud to welcome you into the family and we best see your face at Thanksgiving this year!!

I am so happy for our friends that I am almost at a loss for words! More to come on the wedding festivities.

We love y’all!!