Thursday, December 9, 2010

So What Wednesday


So What if….
  • I’m posting So What Wednesday on Thursday. I’m always behind.
  • I sneak salt on my food at work. Berty won’t mind.
  • I eat pie for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner…..
  • My mom tells people to read my blog when they ask how I’m doing. Maybe she doesn’t want to tell them I’m a bitch little stressed.
  • I refuse to buy anything unless it’s on sale. Or I have a coupon. What can I say? I’m cheap!
  • We decided (with our fams) that we weren’t doing gifts this year. So we bought some crap gifts for ourselves and are secretly buying gifts for each other….not so secret anymore I guess……
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Jenny said...

I only buy things on sale too! And if I have a coupon I get really excited!

Leigh said...

I tagged you on my blog today :)

Lil' Woman said...

Same thing with sales....I rarely ever by anything full priced when there is so many coupons and promo codes out there.