Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Thank you so so so much for all your sweet comments on the name. It was nice to hear what you all think. I made John Paul read every comment so he could see how awesome my bloggy friends are! Y’all made my day!
I haven’t done a belly pic yet. Shocking, I know! And I’m pretty sure that the side-face-fat-roll is here to stay people. If she’s still here after birth I’m taking donations for plastic surgery.
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Total Weight Gained: I’m pretty sure I’ve put on a few pounds this month. I should invest in a scale…..
Maternity Clothes: I seriously need to stop wearing pre-preggo jeans. I look a hot mess. The belly band isn’t really helping anymore.
Sleep: Who needs sleep? I need to be prepared to get up all night anyway right?
Best Moment of the Week: Getting to see how huge I looked in a few Christmas card pictures. 
Food Cravings: Pie! This is the best craving yet. Any kind of pie. I don’t care. Well maybe except Mincemeat pie. – what’s mincemeat anyway?
Food Aversions: Eggs.
Belly button/stretch marks: So I forgot about the belly button picture and I can’t take one with my phone but I will share this week. Maybe the butterfly/bird tattoo as well. It’ll be great fun! 
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks and this ridonkulous back pain that I’m assuming is something similar to sciatica? Maybe? Or death. I can’t decide but it’s making it painful to walk. I might need a motorized scooter.
John Paul’s pregnancy symptoms:  Other than the 3 or so times I almost killed him this week, Berty has  been pretty good.
Movement: All the time. Except when I have a slight moment of paranoia and think I haven’t felt her move. Then she doesn’t move for like hours – or minutes. I’m not really sure.
Gender: Girl – Turner McCartney
What I miss: Is this category even necessary anymore. We all know I want wine. And the fact that Bert has had a glass every. single. night. doesn’t help.
What I’m looking forward to: Our next ultrasound on the 27th.
Weekly Wisdom:  You’re gonna snap. It’s bound to happen. Maybe not as frequently for you, but at our house a hormonal outburst is quite common. Don’t feel bad if you yell at your hubs/boyfriend/sperm donor, they have no clue what’s going on with your body. If you have to speak slightly louder to help them understand then so be it.  
Milestones: I’m pretty sure the baby can hear now. I should probably stop yelling. Can someone call my Hubs and invite him over for 3 months or so?


Jeska said...

Haha you're hilarious ;)

Sarah said...

The fact that you can still fit into your prepreg jeans is unreal to me. I think I was in mat pants by the time I was 18 weeks but I was carrying Logan really low. And the name is adorable. I love how unique it is.

Leigh said...

You two are super cute! :)

{N} Jones said...

Just stopping by to say Hi. I stumbled across your blog this morning. My, my seems like we have quite a bit in common...both married to John Paul's (JP) and both pregnant. Can't wait to follow you guys. If you get a minute feel free to stop on over to our family blog. You are too stinkin' cute! You look absolutely fabulous!

Annie said...

you are too cute and hilarious! ha! i love reading your weekly bumpdates.

Mrs. Werginz said...

What is mincemeat? I've wondered too! I will tell my sister to look for the pregnant girl on a motorized sccoter when she is out and about! haha

Jenny said...

Great picture! I love these bumpdates!

::Crystal:: said...

You look gorgeous! I am just catching up but I love the name Turner, I think its beautiful. Its your child, who cares what everyone else thinks :) Turner will have the cool name that everyone is jealous of!

Lil' Woman said...

You two look soo cute!