Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leeches & Chiggers & Ticks….Oh My !

Guess what’s on Sunday??




Through guessing yet?? Ok, one more guess….

Our 1 year Wedding Anniversary!!!! Woo Hoo! We made it a year…well almost…we still have 5 more days…

So I’m thinking relaxing weekend getaway.


Couples massages, wine, Reese’s white chocolate peanut butter eggs, etc. That’s what you were thinking too, right?? I thought so.

Apparently Hubs and his friends have different plans for our anniversary weekend. Cue scary music.


Camping. In the wilderness. I’ve never been before. And there’s a reason for this. Me and the wilderness don’t mesh. I love being outdoors, during the day. At night I would prefer sleeping inside.


Leeches keep coming to mind. Have you seen Stand By Me?? I just keep replaying that scene where the boy is covered in leeches over and over in my mind.


Chiggers. Do you have chiggers where you live?? Chiggers just look nasty and apparently they are extremely itchy little sh*ts. So that stresses me out. I do not want bugs burrowing under my skin. That’s nasty.


Ticks. OMG. All I’m saying is Lime Disease and well Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Disgusting. I’m going to be on my death bed come Monday. If I even make it to Monday.

Then there’s another issue. What if I have no phone service?? I will have BlackBerry withdrawals and probably have a mild panic attack. Have I mentioned my claustrophobia??

Please help me!!! Have you ever been camping? Do you think me and my hypochondriac ass will survive? What if I have to pee? And there’s the issue of my hands feeling dirty. I HATE that. What do I need to take??

Look how happy this couple looks…..


Little do they know Jason’s probably lurking in the background.



littledaisymay said...

I'm definitely not a camping girl either! I've only been camping once when I went to summer camp in middle school and I guess I really didn't care about being scared/dirty/buggy but I probably couldn't do it now!

Susannah said...

Ewww, not fun! You need lots of cushioning to put between you and the ground for sure! And hand sanitizer and a weapon and lots of alcohol. :D

Lil' Woman said...

I'm a fan of camping but after you mentioned the leeches from Stand By Me, not so much.

Hell maybe you'll find a dead body and get some reward money...lol j/k that is not even funny.

Amy @ Taste Like Crazy said...

I really think this status update on Twitter sums it up rather nicely when it comes to my feelings on chiggers. Mind you, I was very pregnant at the time: http://twitter.com/Tastelikecrazy/statuses/851903242