Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday


{one} I’m loving that it’s 70 degrees in Alabama today! The weather has been fab lately!

{two} I’m loving that the guy is going to have my bathroom finished today. I have a shower at my house on Sunday and it has to be finished. It better be done when I get home or all kinds of unfortunate-ness is gonna happen!

{three} I’m loving that these lovely girls are coming to rescue me from the nursery tonight! I need major organizational help!


{four} I’m always loving the sweet comments and support from my lovely bloggy friends who understand that I have no clue what I’m doing and I need advice!


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


37weeks 37wks

Sorry for the craptastic Blackberry pictures. And yes I am taking pictures in the nursery. Please note the disaster that’s happening in the background. This may or may not be why I haven’t posted pics of the nursery yet.

How Far Along: 37 weeks

Total Weight Gained: 16lbs

Maternity Clothes: I am running out of clothes that fit. I try really hard to pull off some previously cute not quite so unfortunate maternity looks but lets face it, when you’re as large as a house nothing looks cute. I feel ridiculous!

Sleep: Pure exhaustion. The lower the baby gets, the more I pee on myself which requires more trips to the bathroom – this always happens while I’m trying to sleep.

Best Moment of the Week: Survival. Let’s face it….getting up and going to work is an accomplishment these days. I wish I could say that our bathroom was finished and that I’ve been in a fabulous mood all week…but well you know.

Food Cravings: Anything sweet. And still drinking ridiculous amounts of water.

Food Aversions: Eggs. Berty had some nasty smelling omelet at good ole Waffle House on Saturday and I thought I would die!

Symptoms: I’ve felt a lot more BH contractions. Mostly in my back. The vag still hurts and I complain all the time. I just feel exhausted and there’s so much that I need to get done. I have meltdowns daily and my husband is probably going to leave me if this baby doesn’t come out soon!

JP’s Symptoms: Berty has been nesting. Outside. He trimmed all the bushes and cut back our crepe myrtles and made everything look pretty for our baby girl’s arrival. Which is apparently no time soon.

Movement: Movement has slowed down a lot. I still feel her moving just not as much. I shake her to get her to move. Is that bad?

Gender: Girl – Turner McCartney

What I miss: I’m really starting to miss my pre preggo body. I am always tired, always mean, and I can’t move without making a scene. 

What I'm looking forward to: Going back to the doctor on Monday and if I’m still 1cm it’s gonna be bad! And sad because there’s really nothing I can do about it.

Weekly Wisdom: People don’t realize that when they ask, “Oh! You’re still pregnant?!” or, “You haven’t had that baby yet?!” that you want to hit them in the face. Or genitals. No! I sure haven’t had “that baby” yet. Please stop asking me. When I’m no longer at work you can assume that I had “that baby.”

Milestones: As of today there are 18 days till my due date. I just might make it. Maybe.


My bestie Courtney took me to the doc yesterday. She was coming for good luck. Let’s share a picture of her…..



I didn’t gain any weight. I haven’t progressed. I have had no swelling. My blood pressure is great and my baby is never coming out. I’m still 1cm and about 70% effaced. The doc assures me that this is great for my first pregnancy. Yay! :(

He did say that when I go back Monday he will schedule me to be induced the next week. So when I’m 39 weeks I can force her to come out. We will see how I feel about this on Monday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


36wk 36wks

How Far Along: 79 36 weeks

Total Weight Gained: 16lbs – I gained 2 pounds last week.

Maternity Clothes: I still wear my t-shirts at home but they don’t cover the belly. I would rather wear the same pair of leggings every single day than wear maternity jeans. They drive me crazy for some reason.

Sleep: I’m exhausted by the end of the day. I probably won’t survive motherhood. I tend to turn into the pregnant biotch from hell when I’m running on a lack of sleep!

Best Moment of the Week: I’m really trying to think of a fabulous moment this week but let’s be honest, I’m 27 months pregnant and over it. 

Food Cravings: Anything sweet. And lots and lots of water. I’m not nearly as hungry as I have been. I’m pretty sure I’m going to pop out a 10lb baby. I have no room left for food!! 

Food Aversions: Eggs. And my fridge smells like some kind of green vegetable and I cannot get rid of the smell!! I’ve thrown everything away! Makes me want to puke!!

Symptoms: I hurt. My back hurts. More than anything….my vag hurts. Apparently it has to stretch for the baby to come out. Who knew?! You’d think I would have researched this a little more before I got knocked up. You live and you learn right?!

JP’s Symptoms: I’m pretty sure that Berty does not understand that I’ve been pregnant for what feels like years. I need to just suck it up and deal with it for the next 3 weeks. Ummm yeah. Ok.

Movement: She’s so low. I feel her feet in my ribs and her head-? on my bladder. When she moves I may or may not pee on myself. But just a little!  

Gender: Girl – Turner McCartney

What I miss: Normal clothes. Normal boobs – you know boobs that don’t leak. I’m not going to know what to do when I can bend over!

What I'm looking forward to: Ummm….her birth. But not the labor part. Just all the parts after that!

Weekly Wisdom: People who tell you your baby will come when she is ready need to be punched in the face. You think I don’t know she’ll come when she’s ready?! No sh*t! I’m ready now and I realize that’s selfish. Ask me if I care.

Milestones: As of today there are 25 days till my due date. It doesn’t sound like a long time but it feels like forever!

I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday. I’m still only 1cm dilated and about 70% effaced. I’m praying for more progress by next Monday. I don’t want to be induced but let’s be real. If I make it to my due date, TM is being kicked out!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So What Wednesday

So What If…
…I use my neighbor’s triplets to practice for when TM comes home. I have no clue what I’m doing and she’s more than happy for the extra hands – I’m sure. She knows I won’t harm her babies. Intentionally.
…I’m just now starting my thank you cards and my first shower was in January – do you think people think I’m an ungrateful biotch?
…I’m totally freaking because I couldn’t get in to a breastfeeding class before my due date – I ordered a book and I fully rely on my bloggy friends to tell me what the hell to do!
…I selfishly hope that I don’t make it to March 12th. I’ve been pregnant for what feels like 36 months and I’m ready to meet my baby girl!
…I’m freaking (this tends to be an issue around these parts) because we decided to renovate our guest bathroom 30 days before I’m due. It’s a hot mess!
…I asked my doctor if the baby would come while John Paul was working! Obviously he has no clue but I’m scared to freaking death!
…I go to Sonic every morning for a Route 44 water when I could just drink tap water from home. We don’t have the awesome ice that they have!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bumpdate/Doctor Visit

week 35

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Total Weight Gained: 14 lbs

Sleep: I was sleeping great but now I’m back to waking up once or twice a night to potty. 

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to hear TM’s heartbeat at the doc. I love that sound! Her heart rate is always random. It was 135 this time and 156 last time.

Food Cravings: This is not actually a food but I have gone to Sonic every morning for the past week for a Route 44 water.

Belly button/stretch marks: Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I can make it without any stretch marks.

The belly button has popped and you can officially see the bottom. It’s nasty!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks. Some intense vag pain. Leg cramps and back pain.

John Paul’s pregnancy symptoms: He has a new work schedule. I haven’t seen him this week so he’s doing great I’m sure! *Although he did mention that he “couldn’t wait for me to have this baby.” – Like that’s gonna make me less of a bitch or something.

Movement: Homegirl is officially head down and I feel her feet in my ribs all the time. You can visibly see body parts sticking out of my belly.

Gender: Girl – Turner McCartney

Milestones: 35 weeks! It’s craziness!

I went to the doc yesterday. This was my first time to be checked and I had my Group B strep test. Let’s just say – if you’re pregnant be prepared to be violated at your 35 week appointment. And I don’t mean your hoo ha. :)

I’m dilated 1 cm and I’m 70% effaced. She’s head down and apparently really low which explains the pain and pressure. Now I wish I knew what this means but honestly I wasn’t expecting to hear that and I forgot all the questions I wanted to ask. So basically I know nothing and I go back on Monday. I mean surely it’s a good thing that I’m effaced?!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pregnancy Brain…

….it happens to everyone, right? Right?! Because surely I’m not the only one who does these things.


You know when you’re pregnant and you forget to do stuff all the time? Or you misplace things and you forget they existed in the first place? It happens to the best of us – obviously! :)

This is one of those times where a bill came in the mail and I put it in a folder to pay later. And it stayed in my cute little folder for a little bit. And I never opened my folder. Probably because I forgot where the hell I put it and in turn forgot to look for it!

So an undetermined amount of time passed and the bill never got paid. I never thought to pay it and Berty has no clue what bills we even have. Everything was hunky dory until I got a phone call from the Hubs at work one day.

Hubs: Ummm…something’s wrong with the water.

Me: Oh really? What?

Hubs: There is none.

Me: Oh. (Shit! Did I pay that?! Surely I paid it.) I’ll call about the outage. – (I really tried to play it off. I knew I didn’t pay the damn bill but I was sure he would divorce me seeing as how he needed to bathe and there was no water.)

I called the water company and of course they had come out and shut off our water. Awesome. I was so embarrassed. I called Berty and prepared for the worst. And girls he wasn’t mad! I was so relieved. I think he knew I was on the verge of a meltdown and he thought best just to be nice.

I rushed down to the water department, paid my bill and the reconnect fee – y’all I was so scared I would know someone in there – and the water was back on in a couple hours.

Please please tell me you forgot to pay your power bill or something and make me feel better! My poor husband couldn’t even brush his teeth!

It happens to everyone, right?!! No just me? I guess I can live with that.


*Shonna and Michalle – if you are reading this John Paul is going to die!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


12157682792_hN2c6 12157736826_W2qBm

*Please note: I look slightly frazzled. I’m not sure what the deal is but no need to fret. I’m okay really.

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Total Weight Gained: 14 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively. I still prefer to wear leggings instead of maternity jeans.

Sleep: Sleep has been okay. I’m starting to wake up more frequently to pee.

 Best Moment of the Week: Berty finishing the nursery and therefore getting to continue to live with me for the remainder of my pregnancy!

Food Cravings: I have had a severe craving for sweets this week. Especially cake and ice cream. However, we have no ice cream and JP would not go get me any. :(

Food Aversions: Eggs.

Belly button/stretch marks: Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I can make it without any stretch marks.

The belly button has popped and you can officially see the bottom. It’s nasty!

Symptoms: I’m pretty sure I’ll be prepared after these ridiculous leg cramps I’ve been having. Let’s throw in a little back pain, lots of Braxton Hicks, and the occasional loss of appetite. That should about do it for this week.

John Paul’s pregnancy symptoms: I can’t complain this week. I think he was scared I would cry so he finished up the nursery, moved in all the furniture and made me one happy pregnancy bitch lady.

Movement: Movement is insane. It’s starting to hurt and I think she might be dropping….like into the vag or something. I can’t figure it out. I’ll have to ask the doctor exactly how low she’s gonna get without falling out!

Gender: Girl – Turner McCartney

What I miss: I miss pretty much everything. I’ve really needed a glass of wine lately.

 Milestones: If I go through with being induced at 39 weeks that means 5 more weeks girlies!! I think we can make it. If I go all the way….we have 38 days. I can live with that!!

My bloggy friends rock and I am so grateful for every single reader. I don’t think I could have made it this far without you guys!

Now who thinks I should go through with this childbirth class next weekend? Will I be traumatized?!?