Monday, February 7, 2011

Pregnancy Brain…

….it happens to everyone, right? Right?! Because surely I’m not the only one who does these things.


You know when you’re pregnant and you forget to do stuff all the time? Or you misplace things and you forget they existed in the first place? It happens to the best of us – obviously! :)

This is one of those times where a bill came in the mail and I put it in a folder to pay later. And it stayed in my cute little folder for a little bit. And I never opened my folder. Probably because I forgot where the hell I put it and in turn forgot to look for it!

So an undetermined amount of time passed and the bill never got paid. I never thought to pay it and Berty has no clue what bills we even have. Everything was hunky dory until I got a phone call from the Hubs at work one day.

Hubs: Ummm…something’s wrong with the water.

Me: Oh really? What?

Hubs: There is none.

Me: Oh. (Shit! Did I pay that?! Surely I paid it.) I’ll call about the outage. – (I really tried to play it off. I knew I didn’t pay the damn bill but I was sure he would divorce me seeing as how he needed to bathe and there was no water.)

I called the water company and of course they had come out and shut off our water. Awesome. I was so embarrassed. I called Berty and prepared for the worst. And girls he wasn’t mad! I was so relieved. I think he knew I was on the verge of a meltdown and he thought best just to be nice.

I rushed down to the water department, paid my bill and the reconnect fee – y’all I was so scared I would know someone in there – and the water was back on in a couple hours.

Please please tell me you forgot to pay your power bill or something and make me feel better! My poor husband couldn’t even brush his teeth!

It happens to everyone, right?!! No just me? I guess I can live with that.


*Shonna and Michalle – if you are reading this John Paul is going to die!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to pay my gas bill in November, I just stuck the bill aside and kept putting it off, then I just plain forgot. Well after that month went by our rental agency stated that we were switching companies and we would be paying them for gas starting the next month, well... I just decided not to pay the old bill obviously and I didn't realize that the new one wasn't in effect yet.
We had no gas and no hot water for a day while I had to pay it and get it set up again, to switch companies 2 weeks later.

It's not just you dear! and it's great that your hubby handled it so well :)

Jenny said...

I do this and I am not pregnant!

Danielle said...

oh my goodness! how funny, but! i had the WORST preggo brain & i still do!! i blame it on the lack of sleep :)

Leigh said...

Haha what a story! I've forgotten to pay our ENMAX (which is hydro, water, sewer, etc combined into one) once. The next month we had a late fee and a really large bill and I couldn't figure out why as I was sure I had paid it. I went back to look at my bank account and definitely never had! Haha

Meagan said...

I have pregnancy brain pretty bad too! Lucky for us we have wonderful husbands!

Cristy said...

I had a HORRRIBLE pregnancy brain. I couldn't focus...EVER! That was probably the most frustrating part of being pregnant.

Gigi said...

Yes...and I was not pregnant. Wrote the check, placed it in a stamped envelope...just never made it to the mailbox (I had to take my family and spend the evening with my IN-LAWS...well EX-LAWS now!!!!!!). It happens to everyone, they may never tell, but it does!

Mrs. Werginz said...

I've done these thing and I'm not pregnant! I always put the credit card bill in my folder and forget! Darn late fees!!