Thursday, June 9, 2011

Road Trippin’

Okay more like trippin’ because we took our 12 week old on a 5 hour road trip to the beach. Go ahead and laugh marvel at our bravery. My parents – dad and stepmom – have a house down there and we decided to join them for the weekend. Y’all I had this fabulous plan to get up with TM when she first woke up, usually between 6 and 7, nurse her and head on our merry way. She would take her 2-3 hour nap in the car and all would be right with the world. :)

I wish I had a picture of our car but by the time I thought about it, it was too late. I had no clue what we would need so we pretty much took everything baby related that we own. I decided to ride in the front – for about I don’t know 30 or 45 seconds. That’s how long it took for TM to start crying. We weren’t out of the driveway and I was already reconsidering. I was also afraid for the safety of my marriage. There’s just something about being trapped riding in a car with the hubs for extended periods of time that completely works my nerves. Maybe its his horrendous driving?

We made it about an hour before we had to stop for a diaper change. I had pumped but I only warmed one bottle – you know because of the long nap she was gonna take. So my 1 warm bottle was gone about 30 minutes in to the trip. After the diaper change we headed on our way. For 15 minutes. We stopped because Turner McCartney was screaming. SCREAMING. I nursed her to try and get her to sleep and we headed back on the road. And she pooped. So we pulled over for another diaper change. *Please note: we are also stopping for JP to pee because of his old man diuretic.

She finally took a nap and we made it 3/4 of the way. Then the meltdowns began. She was tired of being in her car seat and nothing was going to calm her down. It was rough. My dad called because we were slightly behind schedule and he was concerned. My child screamed but we finally made it – and it only took 6 hours. My plan didn’t work but we survived the road trip – barely. And I mean barely….JP probably would have felt better if he had let me out on one of those deserted back roads…and left me for the deliverance people.

I’m gonna post about the fun parts too….later. I just wanted to document our first road trip with the babe. It was rough and I’m still not positive it was worth it. We did have a good time but we also had some rough moments too!

Thanks for hanging in with my no picture post!


Amber said...

Oh dear! You make me VERY nervous for our first road trip with A. We're driving to Destin the last week of July and I'm afraid it's going to be miserable. 8 hours in the car with a {then} 8 month old - sounds super fun to me, too. We're actually considering leaving at around midnight and driving through the night in the hopes that she sleeps most of the way without completely screwing up her sleep routine. We'll see.

Oh, and let me know what you guys ended up actually needing for TM while y'all were down there. I've already started a mental list!

Ashley said...

Baby or no baby, any period of time in the car with the hubs is tough. ;)

Glad you survived, can't wait to hear about all the fun.

Karen said...

So glad to hear you survived. I dread our first long trip. We plan to visit my Hubby's family in the late summer/fall it's a 6 hr trip. Glad to know my hubby isn't the only one w/an old man bladder we constantly stop on roadtrips so he can go, so annoying!

LG said...

I cant totally identify!! We have had some rough road trips ! My parents live 6 hour south! I can tell you it got MUCH better once i let him watch baby einstein on the ipad! Have you tried a DVD player or anything for her? its worth the cash which I am sure you knwo after 4 hours of screaming! also i learned the hard way to take twice as much of everything than I think I will need.I learned this in the airpory once I ran out of clean outfits for my boy who got poop on his clothes. TWICE ha

Meagan said...

Oh man, that's crazy! Glad you all survived!

Lil' Woman said...

Glad you all survived! :)