Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beach Trippin’

I have never been happier for a car ride to be over! Once we arrived I planned to head straight to the beach. But alas, once the babe finally went to sleep and the grands were ready to take care of baby girl, it started storming. So nap time for all!

We did make it down to the beach the next morning and TM loved it! I think. We had a canopy set up, and we took her bouncy seat. We didn’t plan on keeping her down there very long since she’s still too young for sunscreen and we def didn’t want a burnt little baby.


First time seeing the ocean!


This was her favorite beach spot!


Playing in the sand!


Her hair looks red in the sunlight. Love it!

She really liked the sand. She wasn’t so sure about the water. I think it scared her at first.

We kept her out there maybe 2 hours. It was nice and cool under the canopy and there was a great breeze the entire time. We took her out around 6 the next night and that was much better for her. Her face still got a little red even though she stayed under the canopy most of the time.


Yes I rocked a 2 piece with my post baby belly. The beach where my dad’s house is at is pretty private. So in all fairness only my husband and parents were subjected to my post baby belly.


Our little rock star!



We had a great time. We had a few rough moments but I’m pretty sure I would do it again….maybe. The car ride on the way home was much better! She slept 4 of the 5 hours and was happy when she was awake. It was amazeballs!

I’m going to do a post on what we took to the beach for those who care. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Jamie said...

Cute pictures!

You look great!

Molly said...

You look wonderful, seriously! I don't dare rock a 2 piece and my youngest kid is 3, you're putting me to shame girl, ha!

TM is so stinking cute in her beach attire, just precious!

Sarah said...

I am so proud of you for rocking a 2 piece! You look awesome! And what a fun trip to the beach.

Kaylee said...

That looks so fun! and you look great in a 2 piece :)

Anonymous said...

One, you look absolutely amazing! No disclaimers needed to rock that two piece! TM is so adorable! I love how you guys look like the most beautiful family in the world!

Ashley said...

Ummmm, why wouldn't you wear a two piece?! You definitely rocked it! :) So jealous...and my youngest is 3.5...haha...someday. Looks like a great time and love the shades...adorable!

Jenny said...

Cute pictures! YAY for the beach!

I can't wait to read what yall took!!! HAHA!

Hilary Lane said...

Okay, missy, from what I can see, you are definitely not rocking a post-baby belly. I'm pretty sure most girls would kill for your figure pre-baby! :-) Glad you guys had fun!!

Lindsay said...

Ummm..what "post baby belly"?? You are so skinny! I also love that TM rocked the sunglasses...BAM!!

AllyceR said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Baby is SOOOO cute and you look GREAT!

Leigh said...

TM is such a cutie! And you look fabulous for having just had a baby! I am jealous!

Meagan said...

Yeah like everyone else said you are super skinny and tm and all the pics are so precious!

d.a.r. said...

What a fun trip!!

And I am trying to not cry out of jealousy because you look so amazing and have such a cute baby, haha!

Lil' Woman said...

She looks so cute...I love the ones with her looking away in her shades :)

LG said...

Damn right you rocked a bikini! You look amazing like WOAH! Good job momma! Your 1st beach trip sounds a lot like our 1st beach trip! It gets much better!

Ashley said...

Are you serious? That is what your body looks like and your baby is only 2 months? JEALOUS over here.

J and A said...

I love TMs bathing suit. And Girl, you look fabulous!