Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacay continued

Vacay part 1

…..We made it in time to see the last half of the show. And from what I saw I would recommend it. If your brave enough to drive in Nashville. :)

We took a shuttle back to the Opryland and went in search of food. Along with the 2 million other people there. We kept seeing all these happy pregnant women and honestly all it did was piss me off. I was miserable. We walked at least 749 miles inside the damn hotel and I was about to die. John Paul liked to point out all the women who were obviously farther along than me. He may or may not have gotten slapped.

We finally got some pizza and I told the fam I was eating in the room. My nerves were shot and my mood was just lovely. I’m sure they missed our company! We ate went to bed and were out of there by 9:30.

Next stop visiting the in-laws who live apparently on the longest road in Nashville. We were lost on Old Hickory (for you Nashville peeps) for at least an hour. Who knew the road was like 200 miles long? And to help matters, the only thing Bert’s mom knows she lives by is Sonic. That helps! Once we found their apartment we visited for a bit and decided to head home. The only pictures I have are right before we left his parents house. So sad. I was too pissed and miserable to stop and take pictures at the hotel – I wasn’t about to pose in any either.


Sorry I look like a loser. It was apparently bright outside. :)

That about sums up our trip. I was Scrooge and complained the whole time. Bert complained too so we were a lovely pair. Other than seeing the show and the short time we saw our families, it was a hot mess. I’m glad to be home!

Stay tuned for the Bumpdate/Doctor Visit post tomorrow! I will try to tone down Bad Mood Betty!


Leigh said...

Haha I love how honest you are! What is your tattoo of on your foot?

Mary Ashleigh said...

I love your blog.