Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Award

Vanessa over at Matt and Vanessa gave me this fab award! Thanks friend!!

Rule 1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.

Rule 2. Share 7 things about yourself: (Are you sure we want to have share time over here?)

1. I’m an only child. Spoiled by my daddy and I now live across the street from him. It doesn’t get any better than that! I’m the reason the Hubs wants to have another child – I vote no!

2. I cherish ALL of my bloggy friends and wish we could be friends in real life!

3. Just in case you’re new to my blog, I need to share that I despise pregnancy. Just want to be honest. :)

4. I am absolutely terrified of having this baby….in March. I’m already scared of labor and the fact that I have to take her home with me. Alone. (well with the hubs of course)

5. I would rather have a mouse in my house than see a roach. Seriously. Scariest bug ever.

6. I’m still looking for ONE piece of paper that I MUST have to get my diamond replaced in my engagement ring. Where the hell is it?!?

7. I not-so-secretly worry that my dogs won’t get enough attention when the baby gets here and that REALLY stresses me out. They are our children too and will need equal love and attention – remind me of this when I go batsh*t crazy after the baby gets home.

Rule 3. Pass it along to 5 bloggy friends.

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d.a.r. said...

OMG the thought of labor and delivery is like envisioning hell. I am so freaking scared. And I'm not even pregnant yet. I keep telling everyone that I will opt for a scheduled C-Section under general anesthesia. And everyone thinks I am joking. Um, not really.

Jenny said...

I swear we are twins.... I can handle a mouse being in the house but the minute I see a roach I want to pack up and move!!!!! I HATE THEM!!!

And I am scared about pregnancy also and I am not even pregnant yet!

Thanks for the award friend!

Chrissi said...

fun award :)

you're not crazy at all...i am worried about how my Gus will react towards a baby, and there is no baby yet! your blog friends cherish you too!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! you are hilarious... im due the first of april and im right there with you! im overly protective of our dogs and im already worried they are going to feel left out, my husband thinks im crazy....

Leigh said...

Just because I'm honest and open...the thing that scares me the most when having a baby is pooping while giving birth. I know I probably won't even know it happened and it does all the time during labour, but it still scares me!

Mrs. S said...

you are so funny Brittany!
oh man what a pain with the engagement ring!

::Crystal:: said...

Thank YOU for the award! You are going to be a great mom!

Lil' Woman said...

You'll be a great mama to both your babies....your real one and the ones of the furry kind!