Monday, November 22, 2010

The 1-Day Vacay….

…from hell. :)

Don’t you love my cheery posts!

Saturday we headed to Nashvegas for the night to go see the Rockettes with my step-mom’s family. Now before we proceed you must know that road trips with Bert are ridiculously stressful. In my personal opinion, John Paul cannot drive. He’s very distracted and swerves all the flippin’ time. I obviously feel I am the better driver but I hate to drive so he drove.

We had our trusty GPS to lead us to the right place. Everything was fine until we hit Tennessee. Ummm Nashville peeps, I have no idea how you drive on these interstates. Every few miles you had to choose a direction to go – the interstates just kept splitting into other interstates and ramps and loops and mass chaos! We live in Tuscaloosa (AL) and you get on the interstate and you go North or South – those are the only choices! Needless to say I was completely stressed.

Once we made it to the general vicinity of the Opryland and Grand Ole Opry it was a complete disaster. There were at least 12 million people there and I cannot express to you how close we were to divorcing. I’m telling you we should not travel together. We paid $18 to park and decided to just truck it to the hotel because we are cheap and didn’t want to have to tip the valet – how pitiful!

We finally make it inside and as luck would have it – we can’t check in. Reservation is in my daddy’s name. Awesome. We have to drag our luggage around and wait for him to arrive. Needless to say, I was not happy and called daddy to see if he could call them and tell them to let us check in! It worked. We got our room keys and directions to our room and headed on our merry way. Now, who’s been in this Opryland hotel?! Umm….crazy big. Like 20 hotels in 1 or something. Restaurants and stores everywhere and good luck finding your way!

We get to our room, insert the key, and someone else opens the door! They had given the same room to someone else in our party. I was about ready to cry – 4 hours in the car + extreme stress from Bert’s driving + a ridiculously pissed off pregnant lady = disaster. Bert had to find his way back to the MAIN lobby and get our rooms straightened out. At 4:45 we finally got a room – the show we were seeing started at 5. Awesome!

I will post the conclusion tonight. I took 3 pictures that I want to share and this is getting excessive!


Amber said...

I totally feel your pain on all of it. The husband and I were actually complaining about how f-ed up the interstates here are on Saturday - not only are there 15 different ways to go, but you only have about 2.5 seconds to make a decision on which of the 15 ways you actually want to go. The person that designed the interstates here should be shot! :) And I don't think anyone knows how to get around Opryland - not even the people that work there. It's ridiculous!

Jenny said...

I feel your pain! This sounds like a vacation of ours!

Mrs. S said...

Nashville is OOC! I dunno how they drive in that mess!