Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I’m Alive…Sorta

First off please say a prayer for Megan and Brent over at In this wonderful life as they try and cope with the loss of their beautiful baby boy, Cohen.


Call off the search party! I’m alive. I survived moving. Barely. I’m still unpacking and going through all our shit belongings. As well as ALL my G’ma’s stuff that is still in the house. Fun times I tell ya. Sorry I’ve been so MIA but I’ve been super busy and ridiculously sick this past week. With all that said I decided to share with y’all a few things I’ve learned….

- It is never EVER okay to ask your husbands permission or opinion before making an important decision. Especially if vampires are involved. This is important so please make note and never ask your husband, wife, or domestic partner when vampires are involved.

- Moving is the devil and I suggest never moving.

- If you are brave enough to move I suggest using those handy little things they call boxes. It’s so not cool trying to move without them. Who knew??

- Procrastination is not your friend. Or mine. I think this is why I almost died. Waiting till the weekend you have to be out isn’t the best time to try and organize said move.

- If you are married, engaged, actively involved in a domestic partnership, etc. and you like your significant other, I suggest moving separately. Moving can really test your patience and cause you to bitch yell uncontrollably. This can result in hatred from your partner.

- If your spouse, etc. is cheap and you no longer “can afford” your crazy pills, please for the love of all things holy, buy some off the streets. They will be needed. Trust me.

- If you need a good laugh, take a break and watch the Bachelorette. Because if you’re like me the cable will already be hooked up and the tv was the first thing you moved. :)

If anyone is still here and reading my little bloggy blog thanks friend!! You’re the best! I promise to be back to normal {who am I kidding??} posting ASAP!

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Jen said...

How have I not found your blog until now! Love it :)