Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have a confession…

It’s hard to admit things sometimes but since we all are friends I thought I would go ahead and confess.

Since we moved I’ve had this desire to purge (not my food, obviously. Please note the lack of gym bitching) and throw out all our shit. I mean why do we have so much stuff?!

When I come across something that I know we don’t need I go to throw it away. But then I start to think. And things get scary.

What if in 13 years I need this spatula and then I’m all like “Man I shouldn’t have thrown away that spatula 13 years ago!”

And I keep the damn spatula. Or shirt from 6th grade. Or my dog’s first toy that is now just a piece of cloth.

I’m a HOARDER (not to be confused with whore). Yes people it’s true. And it doesn’t help that the Hubs is an excessive hoarder as well. I mean he might wear that shirt from 8th grade that went along with his Ryan-Phillippe-frosted-tip-spiked-hairdo, but he won’t be wearing it around me!


If my house starts looking like this just call and get me some help!!


littledaisymay said...

Oh girl...I can be the same way sometimes!

Susannah said...

OK Brittany, get rid of it! Seriously, you don't need any of that shit, just hold onto the sentimental things! You are not a bag lady living on the street, you can buy a new spatula if your old one breaks! :D Purge girl, purge!

Brittany Ann said...

My husband is just like you. I used to be as well. But then I started parting with stuff, as scary as it was, and, well, I began to feel so free! So throw away that spatula, and you'll see! It's awesome to have just a little less clutter and a little more free space in your life!

Mrs. S said...

girl, get rid of that stuff. my hubs is a hoarder too! i'm the total opposite and have made him get rid of a lot of clutter in the last couple years.

Island Gal said...

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Jen said...

Oh I hear you! We are in the midst of a big move and I am throwing stuff away like WHOA! I'm just like "Why are we keeping old cell phones from 2001?"!