Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TM 5 Months!

Turner McCartney turned 5 months on August 10th…..

Yes I realize I’m a failure as a mother and definitely a failure as a blogger! 

Let’s go over the deets! Other than the fact that she’s basically the cutest baby ever.


We both think 5 months is awesome!

Weight: 14 pounds

Height: 25.5 inches – homegirl is tall!

Clothing Size: Still sporting some 3 month clothes. 3-6 month fits great. And we’re wearing 6 month pjs for the length.

Diapers: Still in size 2 diapers

Feeding: Let’s see….she basically eats whenever she wants. She’s eating 16oz at the sitter’s house and nursing when we are together. She’s eating rice cereal now and doing awesome! She loves to eat and I promise she won’t miss a meal.

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are still blue. I think it’s so crazy how her hair looks red at times. Mostly its strawberry blonde with a couple “thin” spots.

Sleep: I will go ahead and jinx myself and say bedtime is getting easier. She usually sleeps through the night and only wakes up when I have no one here to bitch at.

Naps are a whole ‘nother story. I hate nap time. Hate it. Who has a baby who can’t stand naps?? Oh that’s right. Me. If anyone can figure out how to overcome this anti-nap phase I promise I’ll share my wine and xanax. (okay so I’m not on xanax – yet) IMG_1366

Favorites: The dogs. Especially Dayne! She also loves her some bath time and playing in her exersaucer. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings. She laughs and smiles anytime she hears the theme song. Or the hotdog dance music!

Fun stuff: I’m aware that I previously mentioned that my child is a genius but we must discuss the fact that she refuses to roll from stomach to back. She rolls back to stomach all the time. What’s the deal?

TM is sitting up on her own and she’s moved up to the ducky bath tub. She’s getting so big and I’m amazed at everything she does on her own. She reaches out and grabs whatever she wants. She holds her own bottle and puts her paci in her mouth. Let’s face it….she isn’t going to need me much longer! IMG_1372


mary kathryn @ mathews family happenings said...

good gravy she's precious. When are we having a play date? I'll supply the wine....
(I kid)
(but seriously)

caley-jade rosenberg said...

She is just TOO cute - love that smile (and the little bow in her hair!)

P.S. Can you please tell me where you get the monthly outfits? I live in South Africa so would need to order online - any suggestions?

Leigh said...

She is seriously cute!

Susannah said...

Dang! She's all independent and shiz! Shuses so cute! Can't believe she's 5 months. Do y'all call her TM?

Mrs. Werginz said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing! She is beautiful! Ick..I'm scared to not sleep when the baby comes...I so hope it naps and sleeps through the night! I am probably dreaming!

LG said...

Dang she is getting big! So glad to get a blog update from you!! she looks just like her daddy!

Meagan said...

Yeah an update!!! Chase could eat her he's in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes! He won't roll from belly to back either! Weird children! I can't wait for him to sit up unassisted! He's napping better and I didn't do anything so I can't help there. But my doctor did say it was ok for him do only nap for 40 minutes.