Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holloway Productions

So Holloway Productions the best thing EVER. Tonight the Hubs and I are doing a promo shoot for Lance at Holloway Productions. Lance shot our wedding video and let me tell you...he's the most AH-mazing person EVER. Whenever I want to smile, cry, or fall out from laughing I watch our wedding video.

Lance did such a Fabulous job and one {special} thing he does is make a "Music Video" with a song of your choice. Our song was "She's Everything to Me" by Brad Paisley and the music video is so amazing!! We had friends emailing the link to our video to people all over the country. People who have never even met us were crying after seeing this video. I'm partial but it is AWESOME.

So enjoy....

Brittany + John Paul Music Video from Holloway Productions on Vimeo.


Jessica said... So, I was just looking at the people who follow my blog, finally checking out theirs. First of all, yours is too cute!!! Secondly, this video you posted had me boo-hooing like a maniac!!! It was soooo incredible!!! I am so jealous - your videographer is INcreadible!!! Thanks for following my crazy rants and I will definately be a new follower of yours! :)

Erin said...

Okay - I just sat here and boo-hoo'd at my work! OMG - your videographer was ahh-mazing! Where is he from?