Friday, February 1, 2013

Alabama Snow

Y’all it snowed in Tuscaloosa! Like legit snow. Not just flurries! It was amazeballs!


It never snows here so when it happens the whole town shuts down. Thanks to this beautiful snow I got to leave work early and go home and play, and hubs got to head home in the blizzard!


TM loved the snow! Her primary focus was eating as much as she could. She has this slight addiction to eating ice and I think she thought this was just one big ice maker.


We thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow for the hour that it lasted. I haven’t seen this much snow in years and Turner Mc was super sad when it all melted.


I’m glad we got to see snow and now I’m over winter. I’m ready for beach trips and fun in the ridiculously hot, humid sun! Bring it on!

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